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This week in the world of lesbian gossip

Tracy E. Gilchrist | June 29, 2007

Throwing down celebrity dirt

Puckish Cyndi Lauper's assembled a gay love fest that puts Big Rosie O's mouth to good use – or at least she's playing to her choir´┐Żdelivering take-no-prisoners stand-up. The erstwhile talk show diva has joined Cyndi, Deborah Harry, Erasure, The Dresden Dolls, The Gossip and Margaret Cho on the True Colors Tour and according to Margaret Cho's blog, "Rosie is killing at every show." But the multi-talented big mouth with the big heart's been baring her drumming chops on the tour as well.

Ro's not only receiving love, she's heaping out spoonfuls of sugar for The Gossip's openly-lesbian button-pusher Beth Ditto. "I love this kid," Rosie gushed over Beth. "She sounds like Alison Moyet and Janis Joplin rolled into one." Maybe Dump-Trump will turn up for a True Colors show and Rosie and Beth'll trap him in a Trump sandwich.

On this week's My Life on the D List that quintessential fag-hag Kathy Griffin teased her lesbian fans by announcing her cute-as-pie assistant Jessica had become a lesbian. Of course, a dubious Kathy quipped that Jess discovered her lesbianism while on My Space, but still, it's not fair to dangle a hot one in front of us. Alas, Jessica says she toyed with the idea that she might be into some girl-on-girl but she's realized she's no dyed-in-the-wool dyke.

In the same episode Kathy discovered her father was very sick and he subsequently died. Kudos to Kathy for fully "getting" the irony in living your life under "reality" TV cameras. Her honest awareness of the ridiculousness of reality television lent poignancy to her losing her dad in front of millions of Americans.

Ever the wise ass and prepping for the Rosie O'Donnell Family Cruise, Kathy visited chiseled lady lover Jackie Warner for advice on how to entertain the dykes. Following a rigorous training session with Jackie, Kathy said, "That bitch tried to kill me. I'm going to be sore for the rest of my life." Hmmm. Maybe that's what Jackie's dates say too.

Pshaw to bad box office. Empress Angie of the Hot Humanitarians proves with A Mighty Heart that her Girl Interrupted Oscar was due in part to more than horny, old male Academy members voting for her. Sporting tight curls and bronzing make-up Angelina pulls off a powerfully nuanced performance as Marianne Pearl in the breezy popcorn flick about the wife of slain Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl.

So what if Angie's pissed off Fox News, the entire press corp. in general and ethnic groups for sporting "The New Hollywood Blackface." Despite the controversy, Marianne Pearl has given Ange the ole seal of approval.

Playing off The Sopranos´┐Żbrilliant – but much maligned final episode Hillary Clinton proves she wears the pants. Hills, ostensibly playing Tony Soprano, which makes Bill Carmella, searches for a campaign theme song on a jukebox in a Jersey diner. Hillary, along with Ellen Degeneres, proves that lesbians are indeed funny.

The Mac-Mama of all chick flicks hits theaters this season. Evening, based on The Hours author Michael Cunningham's novel, boasts a stellar cast including Dames Meryl Streep, Vanessa Redgrave and Glenn Close, forever Muriel Toni Collette, forever Angela Chase Claire Danes, Vanessa's gorgeous daughter Natasha Richardson and Meryl's daughter Mamie Gummer. It looks like a manipulative heartstring puller of a flick but I'd watch these gals clip their toenails for two hours so it's already a winner.

Here's the quick and dirty. Grindhouse star Rosario Dawson got into some heavy girl on girl petting and posing with the stunning actress and director Asia Argento at a Diesel party in Florence, Italy. Thanks ladies! Princess Penelope Cruz and confessed uber-man lover Michelle Rodriguez were both spotted at an impromptu Prince show at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. Good thing Michelle's straight because Salma Hayek might beat her ass if Michelle made a play for her girl Penny. Heck, that could be a lesbian three-way rumor hotter than the age-old Jodie Foster, Kelly McGillis, Whitney Houston throw down.

As adorable as they might be together Reese Witherspoon and hottie Jake Gyllenhaal have cooled it on their purported relationship. Through a rep. Reese says she doesn't have the emotional room for Jake. He does seem like he'd be emotionally high maintenance. On the upside, Reese is single again and perhaps she could use a couple of nice one-offs with the ladies to help her forget about her cheating ex Ryan. Meet us at the Abbey in Weho on Sundays Reese!

Emmy winner for her quirky role on The Closer, Kyra Sedgwick tells The Advocate that if she were gay she'd like to get with Jodie Foster and Salma Hayek. Have fun waiting in line Kyra. However, Kyra has locked lips on screen with one of the foxiest cougars around – Helen Mirren in Losing Chase, which Kyra's hubby Kevin Bacon directed. Boozy British chanteuse Amy Winehouse is being courted to sing the next Bond theme song. If so, the Rehab singer would join the ranks of Gladys Knight, Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner and Carly Simon. Not bad for Winehouse if the next Bond flick takes place at Promises.

Congrats to perennial bad girls Paris Hilton and La Lush Lohan, who appear to be cleaning up their bared beave ways – at least while the cameras are pointed at them. – Gay Link Content

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