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This week in the world of lesbian gossip

Tracy E. Gilchrist | December 01, 2006

Women exposed

Women�s privates haven�t had this much exposure since the Clinton administration, but thanks to attention-seeking starlets Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, un-solicited crotch shots have got tongues wagging. Even Ellen Degeneres couldn�t help but jump on the Brazilian-wax bandwagon when Cameron Diaz turned up in a dress the size of a night-stand doily. Or is Ellen just worried that Rosie�s cornered the market on day-time television�s lesbian content?

Since no-good billionaire-boy and Paris Hilton groupie Brandon Davis slammed Lindsay for what he called her �firecrotch,� girl�s been doing her best to flash her de-pantied privates while climbing out of limos from L.A. to across the pond in London. But it was Paris who began pulling Sharon Stone�s ala Basic Instinct after her infamous sex tape surfaced. Recently-single Britney flashed some skin for the paparazzi that won�t make her kids proud when they�re old enough to Google-image her. Brit�s goodies showed up plastered all over gadfly blogger Perez Hilton�s celebrity-bashing site. Really though ladies, waxing nostalgic about your Brazilians is so Carrie Bradshaw and the gang circa 2001.

Good-time girl Cameron arrived for her interview with Ellen Tuesday sporting a tiny red dress, which prompted Ellen to pretend-shield the audience – from Cam flashing her gams to the world – by practically sitting on Cameron�s lap. The premiere lesbian host of the Academy Awards, if you don�t count Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen then draped a dinner napkin over Cam�s lap. Either Ellen�s downloaded those naughty images of Brit and Lindsay commando climbing out of limos or Ellen�s feeling the heat from fellow lesbian talk-show diva Rosie – who talks as much about her partner Kelli Carpenter and their kids nearly as ad nauseum as Kathy Lee once talked about her family on daytime TV.

Meanwhile, Cam�s Holiday co-star – who never seems to bristle at playing it gay or denuding for a role – Kate Winslet had a slip of the tongue on Late Night with David Letterman. The British babe who�s amassed a lesbian following since Heavenly Creatures a decade ago – referring to Cam�s hearty appetite – said about the Charlie�s Angel star, �Cameron Diaz could literally eat me under a table.� Spot-on Dave told Kate, �Now that would be a movie.� Dave, you read my mind.

The ins and outs of this week�s gossip get even more incestuous. Cameron, a self �professed commitment-phobe, revealed to Ellen that she won�t marry Britney�s ex Justin but that she does enjoy eating the goodies he bakes.

While Cam and Justin are playing house, Britney�s pulling a Lindsay, not only baring her wax-job for the photogs, but for hitting the L.A. hotspots nightly with Queen-o-the-clubs Paris. The pop-tart�s desperate cry to prove she�s over estranged husband Kevin Federline, is laden with drunken nights and daytime trolls through Hollywood tourist spots virtually arm in arm with Paris.

The sans-panties trio began the Thanksgiving weekend feuding when a hammered Lindsay accused Paris of bitch-slapping her. Could it be because she called Paris a certain naughty name a few weeks ago? But by Sunday�s final field goal, they had kissed and made up. Brit�s kissed Madonna for the camera�s maybe the three will provide the paparazzi with some impromptu girl / girl / girl love.

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