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This week in the world of lesbian gossip

Tracy E. Gilchrist | November 23, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell gives Kelly Ripa a tongue-lashing

Frost is on the pumpkin and lesbians are clinging together for warmth in America, while other gay ladies – hit with unusually early Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – have parted ways over politics or whether to serve real or canned cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving Day.

While Rosie O'Donnell's public tongue-lashing of perennially perky Kelly Ripa on The View doesn't count as a real break up, who cares. The two went at it like lovers and all that remains is the make-up sex. That'll be on DVD version of The View uncensored.

Rosie's "The Queen of Daytime" redux, since she joined Barbrara Walters' bevy women who speak their minds, and made it the gayest show on television. But Rosie played the gay card one too many times when she accused Ripa of recoiling from queen-for-a-day Clay Aiken – who cupped his hand over Ripa's mouth to shut her up when he co-hosted the Live with Regis and Kelly last week.

To Rosie's credit she prefaced her remarks by saying that she loves Kelly Ripa but then claimed that Ripa's reaction to Aiken's upstart equivalent of a bitch-slap, could be interpreted as homophobia. Now Ripa, mother of who-knows- how many kids and talk-show hostess extraordinaire tends toward logorrhea but homophobic? Hell no. And Ripa got on the horn before the next commercial break and blasted Rosie as if they were a couple and Rosie called to say she wouldn't be home because she was working late.

Ripa ripped Rosie apart for the remark, claiming that as an interviewer she's never questioned Aiken about his sexuality, nor does she care. He was rude and he'd been shaking people's hands all day. As a mom, she was worried about respect and germs, Ripa told Ro. Any good germaphobe would side with Ripa on this one. Like Rosie forced former teen idol Donny Osmond to don a puppy costume and sing "Puppy Love" to her, Ripa�wearing leather and wielding a riding crop�should force Ro to her knees to beg forgiveness on Live.

Two Latina ladies

Two Latina ladies, who've both engaged in lesbian love on the big screen, have lately been spotted as each other's arm jewelry. Luminous Penelope Cruz – who thankfully didn't troll the aisle in Rome exchanging Scientology vows with a male of the same moniker – is a shoe-in for a Best Actress nod for her work in Pedro Almodovar's Volver and Salma Hayek, who made a mustache and a uni-brow sexy in Frida, have been pulling a Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey, stepping out together and getting the gays all in a whirl. Now that's enough hot Latina to melt the frost off anyone's pumpkin. Alas, Cruz and Hayek aren't the latest Ellen and Portia but keep your fingers crossed.

"Chicks dig me" says Kate Walsh

"Chicks dig me," Grey's Anatomy lovely Kate Walsh told Women's Health magazine this month. Her comment followed a spate of gay-girl roles beginning with nuzzling up to her Grey's co-star Sandra Oh in the film Under the Tuscan Sun, playing a lesbian detective on the prematurely axed Karen Sisco, and in the indie flick Inside Out. So she's not coupled up with any ladies but the actress asked, "Do I give off a girl on girl vibe?" Mmmmm�Only you know for sure Kate. As for tangible couples who aren't merely lingering in the filthy brains of gossipy lesbian writers, out actress Kristanna Loken's been playfully coy about her connection to Lost actress and the object of many a girl's Blue Crush, Michelle Rodriguez. When an Advocate interviewer asked Loken if she'd hooked up with her Bloodrayne co-star, Loken said, "That's the $64,000 question." The interviewer asked Loken if she enjoyed partying with Rodriguez, to which Loken enigmatically replied, "Just don't look upstairs." That's the Spin this week! – Gay Link Content

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