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This week in the world of lesbian gossip

Tracy E. Gilchrist | November 17, 2006

Hollywood stars go gay

While I wouldn�t hold my breath for recently single Reese or Britney to hop the Sapphic fence, but Brit did play gay on Will and Grace, and who could her forget her lesbian lip lock with the perennially button-pushing Madonna. Reese has never played gay but it�s certain that more than one fantasizing lady lover surely wished she�d laid a big fat kiss on her Legally Blonde nemesis Selma Blair. If either Brit or Reese – these-soon-to-be-single moms – needs a little girl-time, the lesbians would surely line up.

Meanwhile, actresses are clamoring to play gay. The L Word has made it into pop-culture vernacular – even Tony Soprano addressed the show�s far-reaching appeal – and loads of lovely ladies are thrusting their headshots into the hands of producers with a gay agenda. A spate of films are about to hit screens starring either rumored-to-be�gay actresses playing it gay or camping it up and lesbian-friendly or curious starlets lining up for some girl-on-girl play.

Beloved indie-film cutie Parker Posey reportedly crushes out on a butch woman in Christopher Guest�s Academy Awards send-up For Your Consideration. While real-life lesbian co-star of Consideration, the ubiquitous Jane Lynch, recently nabbed roles on The L Word and Ted Danson�s sit-com Help Me Help You. Another out actress Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) mixes it up with The L Word ladies this season and has been cast in the title role of its new superhero actioner Painkiller Jane on the Sci-Fi channel.

Three heavily rumored to be gay actresses, whose closet doors seem to be welded shut, are throwing bones to their lesbian fans. Queen Latifah whose Mama Morton took a shining to Catherine Zeta-Jones' dancing shoes in Chicago, plays high camp as Motormouth Maybelle in the film remake based on the Broadway musical based on the flawless John Waters film Hairspray.

Perennial tom-boy and virtual Armani-suit stockholder Jodie Foster butches it up and wields a gun in The Brave One and then plays�what else – a lesbian folksinger in Sugarland co-starring her Taxi Driver pal Robert DeNiro.

Although she vehemently denies the real lesbian rumors, ivory tickler Alicia Keys plays a gun-toting lesbian in the action-packed Smoking Aces. But for those who�d hoped to see Eva Longoria and Beyonce mix it up on celluloid, Longoria says the rumors are just that.

Meanwhile, on the small screen, Rosie O�Donnell�s making poor repressed Elisabeth Hasselback squirm with all of the left-wing gay content she�s brought to The View. Actually, ardent Republican and goody-two-shoes Hasselback appears to be loosening up some and apparently joins Rosie on play dates with their children. Too bad Ro and little Lis are both married. A heated bout of sexual tension on The View�s couch could really boost the ratings.

Side-splittingly hilarious comedian Wanda Sykes spews at length about gay marriage on her new HBO special but she purses her lips for Julia Louis Dreyfuss in The New Adventures of Old Christine. And America�s Next Top Model is always lesbian, whether it intends to be or not. There�s just something about beautiful women sharing bedrooms and hair products and clothes� It�s like freshmen year at Smith or Wellesley without the academics.

And there was Whitney. Will the once rumored lesbian pop-goddess pull a 1980�s redux and continually turn up to events with her �best female friend� as arm jewelry?

That's the spin this week! – Gay Link Content

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