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Ross von Metzke | October 16, 2006

Michael Jackson flips again

From dangling his baby off a balcony to inviting van loads of kindergarten aged children to his pad for slumber parties, we�ve watched one time king of pop Michael Jackson face uphill battle after uphill battle, sometimes emerging unscathed – most recently fleeing the country as his public image has been all but destroyed.

But never did I think I�d live to see the day when MJ whole-heartedly embraced his oh so female side with such unabashed gusto. Photographed in St. Tropez over the weekend, the �Off the Wall� songster was seen in a floppy sunhat, bright orange handbag, women�s slim fit jeans and three inch pumps.

It was certainly the most outward MJ has ever been with his cross dressing, but most definitely not the first time. In fact, this spring, during a trip to Ireland, he was photographed draped in a lavish succession of women�s scarves. Before that, in January, he was seen wearing an abaya – a wrap traditionally worn by Muslim women.

More recently Jackson was reportedly seen dressed as a woman, applying make-up in the ladies' toilet during a shopping trip in the Middle Eastern country. At the time, his spokesman said it was a mistake and that Jackson had been unable to read the Arabic sign for 'ladies' and went into the wrong toilet.

Is the Arabic sign for the ladies department similar?

Seriously, I�m all for MJ further exploring his feminine side – maybe he�s finally found the peace he needs to be comfortable with himself. If not and this is just the latest in a set of freakish acts of behavior that have framed his career, it just goes to further support that Janet is indeed the only quasi sane member of the Jackson clan.

MJ is also rumored to be working on his comeback album – though after waiting for Whitney�s comeback album for what seems like a decade, I�m not holding my breath until I see some results. Until then, I guess we�ll just have to entertain ourselves with thoughts of Ms. Jackson clickity clacking her way through the South of France in stilettos and Kentucky Derby worthy garb.

Tara Reid finally comes clean

Speaking of plastic surgery nightmares (OK, so we didn�t actually talk about plastic surgery, but when you bring up MJ, it goes without saying), Tara Reid has finally admitted to getting her boobs done. Quel surprise, what�s she going to suggest next? That perhaps she does knock back a few too many on occasion?

OK, OK, I�m not gonna go there on the booze. True, Tara�s a drunk – but so am I, so I�m gonna leave that one alone.

The plastic surgery, on the other hand. Yeah, I�m gonna go there.

Tara claims plastic surgery ruined her boobs. The American Pie actress and party monger says she jumped into getting a boob job because �everyone does it� and didn�t do any proper research. Before she knew it – voila. Scarred titties.

"My first operation was horrible," Reid told US Weekly. "The plastic surgery left me very scarred. My breasts were uneven and my skin was kind of saggy. Before I had it done I figured, I'm in Hollywood, I'm getting older, I'm going to fix them. but I didn't do my research."

With this recent announcement, Reid joined the growing list of celebrities to use botched plastic surgery as a way of generating publicity for their sagging careers. Jessica Simpson denied having anything done to her lips until no one turned out the first week of release to buy her latest album, A Public Affair. Then, suddenly, she�d had collagen implants that left her unhappy. Poof. TRL Top Ten.

Of course, the difference is, Simpson has a solid foundation with which to generate publicity. The height of Reid�s success hit just about the time her top fell down and camera flashes exploded. Perhaps with her suddenly smaller boobies and sober-ish demeanor Reid can land that role of a lifetime that will win her an Oscar.

Um�yeah. I know tons of four time Razzie Award nominees who suddenly turn it around.

Scarlett Johansson called a ho

Moving on to someone a bit more worthy of my words – Scarlett �the harlot� Johanasson. At least that�s what some folks in Hollywood would have you believe.

Not so, says the 21-year-old actress, who was branded promiscuous by that lovely Christian right earlier this month when she told Allure Magazine she gets tested for HIV every six months. Yes, Scarlett does the responsible thing and promotes sexual responsibility to young women, and some ass goes off and calls her a ho.

Perhaps it�s because of the other story that broke this month, in which someone on the set of her big ole frickin� flop The Island claims she had a fight with the director over whether she�d go topless in a scene or not. Get this. Word is Scarlett wanted to whip out the girls, the director declined.

Apparently, it was an artistic move on Scarlett�s part, because she insisted no woman (except maybe a French woman) would go to sleep in a bra. The scene had her waking up, boobs covered.

Um, all the love in the world for ya Scarlett, but I don�t think artistic expression was atop everyone�s mind on a Michael Bay production.

The STD comment, to go full circle, was Scarlett�s way of saying that whether she�s sexually active or not, it�s her responsibility to be socially aware. And while she won�t discuss her man of the hour publicly (he�s Josh Hartnett, the lucky fucking bitch), word is they get it on a lot – so much, earlier this year, word hit the street that they had walls in the bedroom of their New York loft soundproofed so no one could hear them screwing.

Oh to be a fly on that headboard.

Rupert Everett remembers

Rupert Everett�s also fielding some flack for his sexual ways – long dead flack, albeit. The hottie Hollywood hunk claims a studio boss once branded him a "pervert" after he came out of the closet.

As the story goes, Sharon Stone wanted Rupert for the male lead in a film she�d be starring in, but the head of an unnamed studio shot Sharon down because Rupert is gay.

"Sharon wanted me to do it and I went to meet the director and he wanted me to do it,� the Golden Globe nominee remembers. "The director rang up the head of the studio and he said, 'Oh no, he's not playing a role – he's a pervert.' He said this in front of lots of people. My agent and lawyer got worked up and we went into battle. Sharon was on the phone to me saying, 'We can close this movie down. We're talking about your civil rights.'�

In the end, Rupert laments, he didn�t push the issue, mostly because he didn�t have it in him to fight the tiresome battle. It�s just one of the many moments Rupert remembers in his new book, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. In the book, Rupert also suggests that his coming out is what prevented him from becoming a Hollywood leading man (thought Rupert has headlined a few films, he�s mostly regarded as an indy darling or solid supporting player).

The book is due in January – Rupert has two flicks in the can for 2007: Shrek the Third and Stardust, a romantic fantasy with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Hottie of the Week

And now, the moment I know you all wait for with baited breath each week – the unveiling of our hottie. Sometimes it�s tough. Sometimes it�s not. This week, it�s a little of both. Indeed it took us a while to figure out who to feature this go around, but once we stumbled on pics of John Cena is his motion picture debut The Marine, everything sort of fell into place.

Well regarded as a wrestler (and believe me – when we say well regarded, we mean the man can fill out a speedo), The Marine is far from Shakespeare – more Jean Claude and Arnold. But considering he spends most of the pic drenched in sweat, biceps bulging, who the hell cares? We�re game!

And there you have it folks. The buzz for the week. Thanks for following along. Until next time – stop and smell the gossip.

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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