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Ronni Radner | October 12, 2006

Annette Bening Annette Bening in Lesbian Union

September was quite the month for girl-on-girl gossip, and October promises to serve up even more.

Mark your calendars for the October release of the long-anticipated film adaptation of gay writer Augusten Burroughs� best-selling memoir Running With Scissors. In addition to featuring plenty of man-on-man action, we�ll get to see some tender (and dramatic) moments between screen thespian Annette Bening and Bring It On hottie Gabrielle Union.

Gabrielle Union

The gorgeous Neutrogena spokesmodel told About.com: �I just did the film Running With Scissors, where I play a lesbian – finally.� [Believe me, we were eagerly awaiting your sapphic debut, too, Gabby.] She continued, �The L Word wouldn�t have me, so thank God Annette Bening did.� [Yeah, we feel blessed as well – kudos to God.] The hetero (and married) Union got a heavy dose of lesbo drama during the filming. �I was doing this scene where I�m breaking up with Annette, and I�m cussing her out and saying the most awful things. I�m dragging her down the hallway, and they�re like, �Cut.� I�m like, �I�ve got to go to the bathroom.� I called my mom and I�m like, �I just broke up with Annette Bening!� �

Also in the film: According to imdb.com, Janis Jones will play a character known simply as Lesbian Poet. We don�t know yet if Jones is a 'Dyke to Watch Out For', but among her previous credits is a turn as Prison Guard in the 2005 film Shackles, so we�re, um, ready to get frisked.

Queen Latifah Drama Queen!

Speaking of foxy onscreen prison guards, Queen �Mama Morton� Latifah continues to exercise her right to remain silent on the subject of her love life. The coy Covergirl (and recent America�s Next Top Model guest) talked to Essence magazine about the lesbian rumors that have followed her since her days as a tough rap heroine.

When the Queen played a dyke criminal in the flick Set It Off, her friends hassled her, but she shot back at them that �they had to be strong, because I really thought I could do something special with the role.� Yeah, we�d agree with that, Latifah. But was it really that much of a stretch for the now-A-Lister to play a lesbian? Queen Latifah remained cagey, telling the magazine, �If I�m not going to tell you what guy I�m dating, I sure wouldn�t tell you I�m dating a girl.� We�re still guessing that when you�re good to Mama, she�ll be good to you�.

Easy, Breezy, and Queer Covergirl?

Apparently, among the babes rooming together over at the Top Model digs, there�s more than one stunner of the sapphic persuasion. Out and ousted contestant Megan �No, I�m Not Kim Stoltz Just �Cause I Have a Pixie Cut and Like Chicks� Morris, recently �fessed up to AfterEllen.com that at least one other paper-thin bombshell prefers the company of women. According to Morris, the show�s �tomboy� twin Michelle is a confirmed, card-carrying lesbian, and �probably 5 out of the 13 girls are bi-curious.�

The Skinny

Speaking of paper-thin bombshells, E! Online reports that the year-and-a-half-long feud between former BFF�s Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton may have come to an end. Particularly newsworthy is the fact that the duo were actually spotted together eating at West Hollywood restaurant Dan Tana�s Steakhouse.

Big Bi on Campus

E! Online also reports that busty talk-show bi babe Megan Mullally will be reunited with her former Will & Grace co-star Sean Hayes for the second season of the Oxygen network�s comedy show Campus Ladies. The new season will also feature dyke icon Penny Marshall, formerly of TV Land staple Laverne and Shirley and those annoying old Kmart commercials with Rosie O�Donnell.

Everything�s Not Coming Up Rosie

The surely-reliable sources at Star magazine hint that although ABC chat-fest The View has seen its ratings skyrocket by 59 percent since our sister Rosie O�Donnell took over Star Jones-Reynolds� vacated seat, all isn�t peaceful on the set. �Insiders� are complaining that Rosie�s taking over by making outrageous statements on air (like when she mentioned that she thinks Oprah Winfrey is �a little bit gay�) and having spats with her co-hosts.

Says the �set source�: �Rosie is like a steamroller, even off-camera. She�s running roughshod over Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck – and Barbara [Walters] has to be on the show nearly every day just to keep a semblance of decorum.� But Regis Philbin tells the tabloid that all�s well. �In the beginning,� Reeg tells Star, �[Rosie] was an overwhelming force, but now everybody seems to be on the same page. I watch the transition every day. [Rosie] has a very domineering personality�that�s why everyone loves her.�

Now that we all have mental images of Rosie O�Donnell dominating us, I�d say that�s our dish for this week. Tune in to next week�s Media Blender for all the latest gossip – and meanwhile, we�ll be glued to our TV sets hoping to see some bi curiosity over in the America�s Next Top Model hot tub. – Gay Link Content

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