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Who Is Anna Nicole�s Baby Daddy?

New paternity suit from Anna Nicole Smith's ex-beau raises questions

Duane Wells | October 05, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith
In both good times and bad, no one grabs headlines quite like Anna Nicole Smith.

Now, in what appears to be yet another script-worthy twist in a life filled with enough of the same to produce at least two Lifetime biopics, the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith�s three week old daughter, Dannielyn Hope, is being challenged according to papers filed in a California court by Anna Nicole�s ex-lover, photojournalist Larry Birkhead.

This news comes on the heels of the sudden death of Smith�s son, Daniel Smith, who died accidentally from the interaction of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro in his system, and Anna Nicole�s recent non-legal wedding 18 days thereafter to her long-time advisor and attorney, Howard K. Stern, who shockingly announced on Larry King Live last week that he was indeed the father of Anna Nicole�s newborn daughter. But Larry Birkhead now begs to differ with Mr. Stern about who is Dannielyn�s baby daddy and he is asking the courts and a good old fashioned DNA test to decide.

Not only is Anna Nicole�s ex seeking a paternity test to prove that little Dannielyn is his biological daughter, he is hoping to gain legal custody of the little girl and demanding that the child be tested for drugs, according to reports. Through his attorneys, Birkhead has also served Smith with papers and requested that she return to California from the Bahamas where she has remained in self imposed exile since the birth of her daughter and the death of her 20 year old son. If he is successful in his lawsuit, Anna Nicole could wind up not only losing custody of her daughter to her ex-lover, but also paying child support to the man responsible for taking her precious little one away at such a difficult time in the tormented life of the TrimSpa spokesperson. Quelle domage!

However given Anna Nicole�s luck with the legal system, I�d bet on her to win this one hands down. This is a woman who after all has been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars by an assortment of state and federal courts across the country and who also won over the staunch US Supreme Court in the last leg of her legal round up over the estate of billionaire Texas oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall. Compared to the legal battles she has endured over the last decade, Larry Birkhead�s latest legal challenge is likely to pose no more concern turn to Anna Nicole Smith than a court appearance over a traffic violation. But then again� one just never knows with that Anna.

Since all of this has already turned into a three-ring circus I�m thinking Anna Nicole, Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead should settle this the old fashioned way – on Maury Povich where the audience and the DNA tests decide. I don�t know� something about it just seems so�well� Anna Nicole. – Gay Link Content

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