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Aguilera comes out about dating man with gay past

Anthony Cuesta | September 14, 2006

LOS ANGELES — Pop superstar Christina Aguilera came out to The Advocate magazine about a past romantic relationship with a gay man.

"I was involved with someone who has a gay past,� she revealed to The Advocate. �I was in the relationship knowing that."

According to the article, Aguilera admitted that while she didn't have a problem accepting the guy, she did feel insecure about their relationship.

"It was a paranoia at times, like when you walk into a room with a guy that you know has feelings for other men, you�re like, is he looking at the guy or the girl over there?� she said. �I don�t know if he�s come to terms with it yet."

Aguilera says that she has always accepted gay people and that she can't remember the first time she was "exposed" to someone who was gay.

"It was an immediately accepted thing with me," she told The Advocate. "I never see color. I never see race. I judge someone based upon how good they are to me, basically. In the entertainment business, you�re around a lot of gay people and they tend to be the talented ones�like my hair and makeup team – and they�re always very kind and sweet to me."

All Headline News reports that Aguilera says she is a passionate supporter of gay marriage and recently attended a same-sex wedding with her husband, music executive Jordan Bratman.

"My trainer married her girlfriend recently and me and Jordan went,� she said, reports All Headline News. �It was beautiful. I was so touched by their vows to each other, I totally cried."

Regarding her own marriage, Glamour magazine reports that the "Ain't No Other Man" singer – who tied the knot with Bratman last November says that she and her husband have agreed to renew their vows every few years to keep their relationship fresh.

"We want to renew our vows every five years, so next time I might do it a little more rock 'n' roll," she told Glamour. – Gay Link Content

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