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Ross von Metzke | August 07, 2006

Mel Gibson offends Jewish community

Oh lawd, have I been waiting for this. I just knew, one of these days, the other shoe would drop and America would see Mel Gibson for the bigot he really is. Not that I�ve been standing by counting the days, but after years of rumors that he hates the gays, hates the jews, hits his wife and all sorts of other deplorable stuff you don�t hear too terribly often about Hollywood a-listers, he comes out and confirms at least one of the theories – and I don�t care if he apologized or not.

OK, so here�s the background for those of you who need to play catch up. Last Friday, in wee hours of the morning, a certain $20 million-plus actor/director responsible for Lethal Weapon, 2004�s controversial but money making The Passion of the Christ (he even made a $100-plus hit out of What Women Want) got tanked. He not only got tanked, he got belligerent, schmoozing with customers at a Malibu restaurant at the beginning of the night and then making a beeline for his Lexus to take the party home despite the fact that several patrons tried to get Mel to take a cab.

Did we mention that Mel is supposedly sober?

So Mel gets behind the wheel, guns the car to 87 mph and peels out toward Pacific Coast Highway – speed limit, 50. Midway through his weaving joyride a copper pulls him over, and all hell breaks loose.

Now this is not to suggest that many of the folks I keep company with don�t have a DUI on their record. In fact, just thumbing through my mental rolodex, I can think of three people right now who�ve done time for mixing the drink and driving. But all three of them took their punishment in stride (OK, one was so drunk he was downtown before he realized what was happening), never once aggravating the cops or making anti-Semitic remarks.

Not Mel. No, Mel launched into a tirade about jews being evil and causing every war in history and blah, blah, blah � on, on, on. He alleged that he owned Malibu and would get even with the arresting cop. Jew this, fuck that. �I�m not getting into your car,� as he bolted back for his. A whole lot of high and mighty behavior, if you ask me.

And then, after the cops finally got him in the back of the squad car and downtown, into a cell where he sat for 8 hours and then back on the street, Gibson started damage control, which is something any Hollywood celebrity with as much fame and fortune as Gibson�s managed to amass over the years knows how to do in his sleep. He called the press and issued an apology to the Jewish community. He checked himself into rehab (which we�ll get to later). He reached out for help from the Jewish community, saying that with their strength, he could get better.

And it worked, sort of. Flory van Beek, a Holocaust survivor and the subject of a proposed documentary on the subject, accepted the apology and said in the Jewish faith, �we believe in atonement.� Plus one! Oh, but then ABC yanked Gibson from the project. Minus one! A Beverley Hills rabbi invited Gibson to atone and speak at his temple on Yom Kippur. Another point. Oh, but the head of the Anti-Defamation league says it took a half bottle of tequila and a run in with the Po Po to reveal what was really in Gibson�s heart. Strike.

I�m not above giving celebrities a second chance. They are people too and they fall and, as with anyone, we should be there to help them back up. But I�ve gotten this eerie vibe from Gibson for years that this happy go lucky, nice guy demeanor was all bullshit. You don�t hear rumors about someone hating gays, beating his wife, hating black people, being anti Jewish for going on 20 years if there isn�t some sort of truth to it.

And as one man said, the words that come out of your mouth when you�re drunk as a skunk are usually closet to how you really feel than the words you craft later to make amends.

Will Gibson�s career suffer a backlash after this? Who knows? I didn�t plan on seeing his next movie, the December release Apocalypto, anyway, so I�ve got a while before I need to make this call. But I�ll tell you right now. In the middle of this ludicrous and increasingly out of control war, if Peter Jennings can stand up and ask the President what he thinks of this whole Mel Gibson debacle, it made an impact. And you better damn well believe all the jews who sign his paycheck aren�t going to forget any time soon.

How about moving on to something a little more pleasant? OK, maybe not pleasant, but funny.

Dennis Rodman says Carmen Electra left Dave Navarro for him

Apparently, Dennis Rodman says that the reason Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra are calling it splitsville is because she�s still hung up on him. Remember, the two were married for a then short ten days back in 1998 (Britney Spears broke that record when she had her Vegas fly by night annulled after two).

Yes, the man who wore a wedding dress out on the town for ha ha�s claims he knows what ails their 3 year old marriage, and it�s the fact that Carmen can�t get over him. He says she called him, said he was the one who got away and wished that they were still married.

�Carmen called me six months ago. She told me I was the love of her life and she wished we�d stuck together. We had great sex! We used to just throw down in the bedroom. We had a real good connection when it came to sex.�

Now I ain�t saying she's a gold digger, but Dennis Rodman�s 15 minutes were up five Jean Claude Van Damme direct to videos ago and I find it very convenient that he drops back into the spotlight when the one tie he�s still got to tinseltown throws him a bone. Maybe Carmen still loves him? Maybe this is all bull shit. But I�ll tell you now, if Dennis were any kind of a lady he�d have the common decency to keep pillow talk in the bedroom.

Lindsay Lohan a drunken mess

Even funnier, I think, is the fact that the president and CEO of Morgan Creek Entertainment, a huge production company in Hollywood, wrote an open letter to Lindsay Lohan, cc-ing her mom, her publicist and her agent, saying that if she doesn�t clean up her act and start acting like a professional on the set of her new movie Georgia Rule, there will be consequences.

This after a club owner came forward and said the reason she passed out from alleged �exhaustion� on the set earlier this week was because she�d spent the night before drinking and dancing on tables at his club into the wee hours of the morning.

So Lins falls over, gets taken to the hospital where the give he a shot of Vitamin B-12, and the next night she�s back at it, party, party, party.

I went out a lot when I was 19. Sometimes I went out all night. But I made $6.75 an hour stocking shelves at the local Barnes & Noble. Lindsay just cashed a $4 million check for this pic, a movie co-starring Jane Fonda. Now how often in life does a young actress get the opportunity to share the screen with a legend. JLo got the opportunity to square off with Jane, and while she may have been sober, she squandered it. Don�t make the same mistake, Lins.

Other highlights from the letter? Calling out her late night drinking as the real reason production frequently has to be halted. Saying if she screws up the production, the company will pursue full monetary damages. Alleging that Lins is a spoiled, ungrateful mess of a girl.

As I live and breathe.

Not that anyone in Hollywood hates Lindsay nearly as much as they hate Mel. But still, it�s something.

The gorgeous Randi Driscoll

And now, some eye candy. Someone who's just too cool for school. Randi Driscoll has always enjoyed a loyal following on the indy music circuit, but when she wrote the gorgeous opus What Matters in the weeks after the death of Matthew Shepard, she amassed a new fan base. Legions of grateful gays and lesbians who felt the message this gorgeous singer was trying to get across was flawless. Randi became friends with Matthew�s mom Judy and the song because the official tune of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Now, after touring college campuses with her message of love for years, she�s back with a new CD � the aptly titled Lucky.

Hottie of the Week

And now, that moment you all wait for every week. The hottie. And this week it�s, drumroll please, Mr. Greg Michael. Now for those of you who don�t know who Greg is, take note. This guy�s gonna be big. A former entertainer at Disney, Orlando, he got his big break the way most young actors do � on the soaps.

Yep, this stud played a rapist on As the World Turns and then made his way to Hollywood to star in here! TV�s latest guilty pleasure, Dante�s Cove. Greg plays the newly out Kevin on the show � the one you feel for, root for and drool for when he drops his pants one of a few dozen times. Yes folks, this guy�s a stud � a stud with talent. He�s a damn good actor, and he sings too. Keep checking his Web site for updates on his forthcoming album. Until then, just sit here and absorb.

And so, my friends, we�ve come to the end of our journey. For all of you Jewish folk out there (half of me was deeply offended � OK, all of me was, just half took it personally), we�re going to host a cyber lynching of Mel about 6 seconds after you stop reading this. Channel your energies. And until next time, stop and smell the gossip.

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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