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Paris and Nicole to plan lesbian wedding

June 26, 2006

Paris and Nicole
HOLLYWOOD — It should come as no surprise to fans of television�s The Simple Life that sooner or later, the bumbling blonde duo of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie would put their minds to planning a wedding.

The fact that it�s a lesbian wedding, however, did throw the press for a loop. Yes folks, Hilton and Richie, who filmed the latest season of The Simple Life, billed Till Death Do Us Part, apart (the pair weren�t speaking when the show went before cameras) will drop their household chores and compete against each other to plan to perfect commitment ceremony.

The pair got the idea while living separately with the Bowden family, a lesbian couple raising two teenage daughters. According to reports, Richie was floored by the fact that the two had never had a ceremony.

So the two pull out all the stops in anticipation of the most lavish lesbian wedding the world has ever seen.

Meanwhile, just weeks after being filmed laughing while friend Brandon Davis laid into actress Lindsay Lohan with a slew of insults directed at her private parts, Hilton has admitted to having a bit of a crush on the actress.

The hotel heiress told United Press International she thought Lohan was �gorgeous, sexy and I love her,� dismissing rumors the two were still feuding. Later in the week, the pair were photographed sharing a table at a Hollywood night spot.

Last year, Hilton was the Grand Marshall of the Los Angeles Pride Parade with her mother, Kathy. –Gay Link Content

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