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Ellen and Anne Heche meet for 1st time since breakup

June 05, 2006

Ellen with Portia DeRossi
HOLLYWOOD — More than five years have passed since talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her ex-girlfriend Anne Heche have seen each other, so when the two bumped into each other at GQ Magazine�s Celebrity Poker For Peace Games, no one knew quite what to expect.

On-lookers said beyond blushing and an initially awkward exchange, DeGeneres, who was attending the event with current partner Portia DeRossi, and Heche, with husband Coley Laffoon in tow, were surprisingly cordial.

"Ellen's face was bright red,� a source told UK tabloid The Sun. �The group talked, catching and sort of seeing where each other was at in their lives. After that, they went their separate ways and didn't have much to do with each other. They were concentrating more on their poker games.�

Heche and DeGeneres went public with their romance in 1997, shortly after DeGeneres came out publicly on her sitcom, Ellen. The pair quickly became the most visible same-sex couple in Hollywood.

Heche, who had previously been linked to Desperate Housewives� Richard Burgi and Steve Martin, was vocal about not putting a label on her sexuality and dismissed rumors she was in the relationship strictly for the publicity. The couple spilt in 2000 and, other than brief mentions, have both refused to talk about the relationship in subsequent interviews.

Heche publicly discussed her battle with split personality disorder in the 2002 auto-biography Call Me Crazy. She and Laffoon married in 2001 and have one child together – a boy, Homer.

DeGeneres dropped out of sight for a while following the break-up and resurfaced in the short lived 2001 sitcom, The Ellen Show. In 2003, she was critically acclaimed in the animated picture Finding Nemo and debuted to rave reviews in her own talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

DeGeneres and De Rossi have been together for just over a year. While accepting the Emmy for Best Talk Show Host last month, DeGeneres publicly thanked Portia, stating �Portia. I love you.� – Gay Link Content

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