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Madge Mucker | May 19, 2006

Portia De Rossi says Ellen DeGeneres is her 'savior'

Ellen Degeneres is not only the love of Portia De Rossi�s life; she is also her 'savior' – according to the former Ally McBeal and Arrested Development star. Rossi recently told the press that DeGeneres helped to lead her �out of a life of dishonesty and anorexia� and possibly even saved her life.

The Australian-born actress revealed recently that she has battled with anorexia since she was a teenager. When she was cast in Ally McBeal, the eating disorder became even worse, and seriously threatened her health. Rossi says it was DeGeneres who helped her to honestly face her illness head on.

"Learning to be more honest is probably the biggest influence that Ellen has had on me. We've talked a lot about this, which is a big thing for me," Rossi said. "Ellen has never really worried about her weight and is more on the side of feeling angry that for women to be perceived as beautiful, they need to be skinny."

Bravo Ellen – and Portia – for saying no to the Hollywood stereotype and knowing the true meaning of being beautiful.

Veronica Mars Star Says She�d Switch Teams for SNL�s Amy Poehler

When an interview asks a straight female celebrity which gal she�d possibly switch teams for and get down & dirty with – usually the answer is along the lines of Angelina Jolie or some other super-hot Hollywood babe. Not so with Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell. Apparently Bell likes more in her fantasy women than just a hot body� she likes a sense of humor.

According to a recent interview with Out.com, Bell has more than a passing acquaintance with �the gay life�. While she hasn�t dated any chicks (that she�s admitting to), she has dated her share of gay men back in college. Bell, who will recently be staring the feature film Pulse, apparently had a thing for gay guys (or at least guys who turned out to be gay), which as WE all know is a classic symptom of repressed lesbianism� but I digress.

As for what girl might persuade Bell to try a night or two exploring her wild girl-on-girl side, she says that her fantasy girl would be none other than Saturday Night Live�s Amy Poehler. Bell used to watch Poehler in an improv comedy show in New York and �fell madly in love with her� – even telling Poehler�s amused husband Will Arnett of her feelings once on the red carpet.

Well, we are all for a girl who knows how to respect a woman�s true assets. And if Bell and Poehler ever decide to hook up just for kicks – we�d all love to see a parody recreation of the event on Saturday Night Live. Now that would be a TiVo-worthy moment indeed.

Jennifer Beals Tapped as Celebrity Marshall for San Francisco Pride Parade

According to a statement by San Francisco Pride Executive Director Lindsey Jones, L Word actress Jennifer Beals will serve as the celebrity grand marshal for this year's LGBT Pride Parade. Ilene Chaiken, creator of The L Word, will also attend.

Beals� work on The L Word has earned her accolades, nominations, and enormous appreciation from numerous groups including the POWER UP Award, the GLAAD Golden Gate Award, and the Golden Satellite Award for Outstanding Actress.

Beals will, of course, be back for the next season of The L Word sometime in early 2007. Plus, she�ll be appearing later this year in the sequel to the hit horror film The Grudge, set to be released October 13th.

Community grand marshals of the 36th annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade and Celebration include: Cecilia Chung, deputy director of the Transgender Law Center; Kathleen McGuire, artistic director and conductor of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus; Marion Abdullah, longtime East Bay LGBT activist; Sal Rosselli; president of SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West; Cristy Chung and Lancy Woo, lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit against California's gay marriage ban.

The Pride committee also announced the selection of retired San Francisco Police Sergeant Elliot Blackstone as the Lifetime Achievement Award grand marshal. Previously announced grand marshals, elected through community voting, are Robert Bernardo as individual grand marshal and the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center in San Jose as organizational grand marshal. The "Pink Brick" award, for the individual or group deemed to have done the most ill to the LGBT community in the past year, goes to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In Brief

Contestant Ruth Badger, rumored to be gay, unfortunately lost out on BBC2�s The Apprentice when it game to a close. The battle was a close one, but in the end multi-millionare Alan Sugar handed the title to 25 year-old blond ex-check-out girl Michelle Dewberry. �The Badger� was criticized by some fans as being too aggressive and defensive. On the other hand, some observers are wondering whether �The Blonde Dewberry� took the cake mostly because she was hotter than her final opponent.

Vice Presidential daughter Mary Cheney has finally had her public say on the topic of gay marriage – and it is boring. In an interview recently, Cheney called the amendment "fundamentally wrong� and said it would amount to "writing discrimination into the Constitution." Well, duh, Mary. When you decide to tell the Bush administration, your Daddy, and the Republican Party to really �go f@ck themselves� for trying to shove all us queers back in the closet – then we�ll at least assume polite interest in what you have to say.

It looks like Madonna is finally getting to old to take off all her clothes for a spread in some magazine. Instead, she will only take off her top – to appear half-naked in W. The shoot will be done by celebrity photographer Steven Klein and feature Madonna wearing fishnets, leather gloves, a riding crop – and nothing much else. Frankly, my dear Madge, at this point we just simply don�t give a damn.

That's the Spin this week!

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