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Madge Mucker | May 12, 2006

Lost Actress Michelle Rodriguez Stirs Up Lesbian Rumours Once Again

Lost Actress Michelle Rodriguez Stirs Up Lesbian Rumors Once Again News of the World is hardly a reliable information source, but we say that �where there is smoke�� and as far as Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez is concerned, there certainly is a whole lot of smoke going around. Rodriguez has long been the subject of girl-lovin� rumors. The dish that Michelle prefers the ladies has been going around since the butch babe first hit the big screen with a vengeance in Girlfight. Last January, Rodriguez and pop singer Blu Cantrell were photographed holding hands and looking quite gorgeous together. More recently, openly bisexual actress Kristanna Loken, Michelle�s co-star in BloodRayne, told men�s magazine FHM that she �partied� with Rodriguez, hanging out, drinking and hitting the clubs. When asked if she�d ever made out with Michelle, Kristanna �pled the fifth� and refused to answer.

Now News of the World reports that Rodriguez was recently spotted getting very, very friendly with an unidentified woman at New York�s Duvet club on gay night. The new gossip has it that Rodriguez was partying hard at the Duvet club, dancing �dirty� with another girl on one of the club�s king-sized beds. An anonymous observer quoted in the News of the World said: "[Rodriguez] was certainly not a shy girl as she pushed her breasts against the other girl�s boobs and moaned in her ear."

Really, we don�t know what the big deal is. Rodriguez may or may not be queer, all we care about (much like with Jodie Foster) is that she is hot as hell – and gay or straight, we�d be happy to get drunk with her and make out on a king-size bed anytime, anywhere.

Angelina Jolie�s Former Lover Jenny Shimizu Says She Did Madonna Too

We can�t find any evidence that former Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu is doing anything newsworthy other than talk about who she�s slept with. Which, perhaps, may be why she can�t seem to shut up about her affairs with Hollywood mega-stars? Everyone under the Sun knows by know that Shimizu had an on-again, off-again affair with Angelina Jolie. Certainly, Jenny hasn�t let the press forget about that with her notorious quotes over the past year about how she doesn�t think Brad Pitt will be �enough� for Angelina and how �there has never been an ending to her and I.�

Just having the notoriety of being Jolie�s ex-lover doesn�t seem to be enough for Jenny however. Now that Brad & Angelina have a bun in the oven and seem to be the happy couple, Shimizu has moved on to a new publicity strategy. Jenny now reports that she also enjoyed a (very) brief fling with none other than the Material Girl herself � Madonna. According to quotes from (you guessed it) News of the World, Madonna spotted Shimizu on a casting video, called her up and invited her to her house. A couple of days later the two hooked up again for a party and ended up in bed. According to News of the World, Jenny admitted to having a long time lust for Madonna and knew she was �going to have sex� with Madonna from the age of 14 when she used to watch Madge�s videos. And, that glorious night, her �fantasy came true – again and again and again.�

We wonder what Shimizu�s current reported girlfriend, British TV presenter Rebecca Loos, thinks about Jenny�s constant need to splash her love life across the tabloids. What we think is this: If you think getting it on with Madonna makes you unique and special Jenny, go get in line with the other thousand or so conquests she�s got notched onto her bedpost. Meanwhile, please excuse us while we yawn�

In Brief

If you missed out on the Daytime Emmys this year (who does watch these?), Ellen DeGeneres won again. Congrats, you all know we love you Ellen. But more noteworthy was that not one, but TWO lesbians took home a Daytime Emmy – as reported on AfterEllen.com. Actress Maile Flanagan won for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program (Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks on PBS). Most lovely, Flanagan thanked her partner in her acceptance speech, a truly awwwwhhh moment.

The L Word has picked up yet another prestigious honor – well, sort of. An advertisement for Showtime�s hit lesbian drama received the second largest amount of complaints from viewers in the UK last year. According to the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA), posters for the series were reported as �degrading to women� by 650 viewers in 2005. Complaints were noted by the ASA, but they refused to pull the advertisement, which featured the cast of The L Word virtually naked except for strategically placed arms and legs.

Out actress Sarah Paulson has landed a sweet gig on a new NBC drama called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Paulson recently appeared in The Notorious Bettie Page, the sci-fi flick Serenity and guest-starred on Deadwood. No word as yet on when the show will air. Paulson will also be appearing in three upcoming films, Diggers, Griffin and Phoenix and A Christmas Wedding. All three are currently in post-production.

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