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Madge Mucker | April 07, 2006

Christina Aguilera lays down big money for lesbian painting

Slinky pop star Christina Aguilera will never live down her tongue-swapping encounter with Madonna at the MTV Music Awards in 2003 – even though it was Britney Spears deep-throating of the Diva that really got all the attention. She's also admitted in the press to enjoying the thought of two women getting it on, saying "Women are beautiful creatures and the sight of them kissing or caressing each other is horny."

But does the sight of late British monarch Queen Victoria portrayed as a lesbian get Aguilera hot under the collar? Maybe so. Aguilera has supposedly laid out over $25,000 to purchase a painting by British graffiti artist Banksy depicting the monarch in a lesbian scene, according to the Life Style Extra web site. Queen Victoria passed anti-homosexual laws in the late 19th Century and reportedly believed that women could not possibly be gay. The painting shows the Queen dressed in stockings and suspenders, perched in a woman's lap in a provocative pose.

It's all well and good that Aguilera likes to talk about how much she likes the ladies. And we certainly applaud her taste in artwork. But all the talk in the world doesn't make you a dyke Christina – just a publicity whore.

Sharon Stone Suggests Going Online for Lesbian Scenes Cut from Basic Instinct 2

Teased about in trailers, hinted at by the film's marketers, the much hyped lesbian scenes in Basic Instinct 2 nonetheless failed to materialize in the final cut. Sharon Stone claims that she was quite upset by the decision to edit out the girl-girl action to please the censors who threatened to slap a prohibitive NC-17 rating on the film.

In particular, a sexy threesome scene with French actress Anne Caillon was left out of the final product – which Stone believes was just "too hot" for the censors. �We shot the menage-a-trois and the girl was really beautiful and hot, this amazing French actress and the ratings board made us take it out,� Stone told Pink News.

For fans crushed by the removal of the bisexual content, Sharon Stone suggests logging on to the Web to get your fix. "If you want to see it," she says, "I know it's been online." Or, if all else fails, just wait until the film takes the short trip to DVD – where it is practically guaranteed that every bit of flesh will be edited back in to sell as many copies as possible.

Portia De Rossi Uses Mom to Come Out to Grandmother

Arrested Development & Ally Mcbeal star Portia De Rossi must be terribly busy. Why else send your poor mother to break the news to your grandmother that you're a lesbian instead of doing it yourself? Then again, De Rossi does seem to have issues with the whole coming out thing. The blond bombshell didn't even come out to her mother until after her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres hit the tabloids. One must wonder how Portia's ex Francesca Gregorini felt about being shoved into the closet every time Mom dropped by. Anyway, we digress.

So rather than pop the news to Grandma herself, De Rossi sent dear old Mom to gently break it to her 99-year-old grandmother that she was a dyke. Unfortunately for Portia, Mom apparently bungled the job. According to De Rossi, she "told her to show my grandma photos of me and Ellen and to kind of tell her for me. So she went back, showed her photos and said that we lived together, so I thought it was done." But according to FemaleFirst.co.uk, Grandma didn't quite get the picture, so to speak, and thought Portia and Ellen were just housemates. When Portia next came to visit, she had to clear up the misunderstanding and do the coming out for herself. Her grandmother's response? "I knew you were living with Ellen and all this time I was thinking, 'I hope that lesbian isn't hitting on my granddaughter!'"

L Word Says Goodbye to Another Leading Lady

The loss of Erin Daniels as Dana on Showtime's hit drama The L Word was the shock of the season. The departure of Alexandra Hedison as the sensuous filmmaker Dylan was another sad note. To add insult to injury, however, it has now been officially announced that Sarah Shahi will be leaving the show, according to AfterEllen.com. Shahi will not be returning as luscious Latina Carmen in the fourth season - so anyone who was hoping for a Shane/Carmen reconciliation - give it up now. Shahi can alternately be seen in the NBC comedy Teachers and has been cast in a new Fox pilot about lawyers called Damages. It remains to be seen if there will actually be any 'real' lesbian characters left on The L Word by the end of next season.

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