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Ross von Metze | April 06, 2006

Joy Behar and Star Jones come to blows on live television

To anyone who�s ever sat down and watched a few episodes of The View, the little fact that Star Jones and Joy Behar do not seem to like each other is old news. All you have to do is watch as Joy�s nostrils flare every bloody time Star opens her mouth and you know� she can�t stand the women.

Well, the feud finally came to a head Monday when the dueling talk show hosts actually had to be bleeped on the air during a heated confrontation. ABC is claiming their war of words was �all in good fun,� but I for one ain�t biting.

Responding to rumors she almost died on the operating table during a breast lift surgery last week, Star phoned into The View (she�s still recovering from having those sandbags lifted) to assure America she�s OK, that the sudden loss of blood was due to the fact that she�s anemic and doctors were prepared for every possible situation going in.

Star talked, the girls listened� all except Joy, who appeared to grow increasingly fed up by the second. At one point, drumming her fingers on the table, she scribbled something on a piece of scratch paper and shoved it under co-host Meredith Viera�s nose to get her attention. When it didn�t work, she tried interrupting. �OK, Star. That's enough about you. On to us. 'Bye,� she snapped.

Behar was then bleeped when she added "Keep your [breasts] perky!" in a sarcastic tone.

"I'm glad to see you haven't changed," Jones shot back. "Even today, you are still a bitch," she said before ABC censors promptly cut the feed.

The official ABC stance is that anyone who watches the show on a regular basic knows Star and Joy were jabbing at each other all in good fun. I�ve seen fun and playful jabs. Kelly and Regis jab. David Letterman jabs at his guests. Joy was over it, and Star (Star Jones is a fucking bitch,� Kathy Griffin announces bluntly in her upcoming comedy special)... well, this is a woman who got corporate sponsors to pay for her wedding. Down to Earth, calm and reserved she ain�t.

Those two bitches better thank their lucky stars Barbara Walters wasn�t around for any of this. I can only imagine what that old broad would do.

The upside, of course, is that we have not one, but two Bitches of the Week. I just personally happen to like one of them.

And, in the week that appears to relish stories about drug induced stupors, try these two tales on for size.

Whitney Houston officially a down and out druggie

First up, Whitney Houston�s sister-in-law, who told the National Enquirer the Grammy winning singer is hooked on crack, living in squalor and is so messed up in the head, she thinks demons are after her and Bobby B.

Bobby�s sister Tina granted the interview to come clean about her own past drug use and says she used to get high with Whitney on a regular basis. Tina claims she got help, but Whitney has so far refused any and all attempts by family to help her clean up her act. According to the story, Whitney now spends her days locked up in her bedroom, talking to herself, laying amid piled of garbage, taking drugs and playing with sex toys.

Photographs accompanying the story show the star's bathroom littered with drug paraphernalia, including a crack-smoking pipe and cocaine-covered spoons (of course, this could really be just about any bathroom in the entire world, but I digress�)

"She'll point to the floor and say, 'See that demon. I'm telling you somebody's messing with Bobby'. She always thinks it's something to do with Bobby,� Tina says in the interview. �She breaks everything – mirrors, phones, cabinets, appliances."

The story comes on the heels of Mary J. Blige�s now infamous interview with Attitude Magazine, in which she issued a plea to Whitney to face her problems and seek help.

In the story, Blige calls Whitney out, making it crystal clear the star has a problem, and saying she�s not going to get any better until she admits it to herself.

�You have got to want to admit that you have got a problem, first of all,� Blige says. �Then start to deal with why that is. It's probably more than just drugs. You get addicted to drugs and alcohol because you want to drown out all the problems in your life.�

Rumors have circulated for months that Houston is in the studio recording her comeback album under the leadership of music icon (and Whitney�s first boss) Clive Davis. Of course, that album was due last year, and a recent appearance at the Olympics singing off key, dressed as a Yeti and sporting an off-center weave didn�t help rumors.

Moving on to gossip about another former junkie!

Nicole Richie in a drug fueled sex fest?

Nicole Richie is livid with Chasing Amy director Kevin Smith after he told an audience full of college students she had drug fueled sex in a bathroom with former drug addict, actor Jason Mewes.

Smith made the claim during a speech to undergrads at the University Of Pennsylvania. He claims the 24-year-old socialite seduced one-time heroin addict Mewes while he was high two-and-a-half years ago, then dragged him into a bathroom stall.

Smith said The Simple Life star, also an-ex heroin addict, �pulled Jay into a bathroom and just sat on (him) and started going at it.�

Richie is claiming she and Mewes (who appears in all of Smith�s films) have met, but as she told her publicist Cindy Guagenti, �Are you kidding me? I've never ever had sex with him.�

I guess what happens in the stall stays in the stall.

And just a little snippet I feel is worthy of a brief mention: Jessica Simpson is pushing ahead with plans to adopt a child. The girl doesn�t know what tuna fish is and she�s going to be trusted with an impressionable young mind? If that�s not just cause to legalize gay adoption all over the world, I don�t know what is.

Finally, the moment I know you boys wait for every week.

Hottie of the Week

That time when I go ahead and tell you all about some hot looking slab of beef we call the Hottie of the Week. This week�s guy is someone most of you have probably never seen before.

He�s from Italy, did one lame reality show there last year and seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth. But his pics are so flipping hot, I couldn�t resist. Besides, with a name like Constantino Vitagliano, how can you not show this guy a bit of attention?

And that�s all for this jaunt around the block, fellas.

TO REVIEW: That whole Star and Joy are just joking around line is a load of horse shit. Hell, I hate Star, and I�ve never even met the woman; Whitney�s road to recovery seems to have hit a big ole speed bump� or at least a bump of sorts; Nicole Richie may be an ex heroin addict, but that doesn�t mean she slept with one; and Jessica Simpson adopting a kid should be a crime.

Til� next time.

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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