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Brokeback Mountain Banned in Bahamas

Danny McCoy | April 04, 2006

Scene from Brockback Mountain
NASSAU, Bahamas — All the critical honours in the world can�t help Academy Award winner Brokeback Mountain in some countries. Gay rights groups are up in arms after the Bahamian Plays and Films Control Board has banned the film from showing in the Bahamas.

Deeming the film unacceptable due to �extreme homosexuality, nudity and profanity,� the Bahamas follow China, making it the second country to prohibit theatres from showing the film.

Reuters reports that the Bahamas based Rainbow Alliance called it "a farce" that a small group of people should try to "provide the moral compass for the entire country.�

The Bahamian film board said the film was of "no value for the Bahamian public.�

The film, which won Ang Lee a Best Director Oscar, has grossed more than $150 million worldwide. Lee said the film is about breaking down stereotypes and showing love in its truest form.

Philip Burrows, a theatre director from the islands, told Reuters: �You have a group of people who are telling grown men and women what they can and cannot watch. I cannot understand denying people the right to make their own choices."

The Bahamas were in the news last year when a group of citizens greeted an R Family Cruise ship (Rosie O�Donnell�s gay cruise line with her partner Kelli) and urged them to return to sea, their kind was not welcome in the island community. – Gay Link Content

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