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Producers ax lesbian sex from Basic Instinct sequel

Much to Sharon Stone’s dismay, lesbian megage-a-trois cut from film

Angela D'Amboise | March 31, 2006

Sharon Stone
HOLLYWOOD — After months of whetting appetites with promises of a steamy lesbian sex scene in the sequel to Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone’s same-sex romp has been all but left on the cutting room floor.

According to reports from United Kingdom based Pink News, in an attempt to keep Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction as commercial as possible, producers opted to ax a lesbian three-way from the film at the request of a U.S. censor board.

The film, which opens stateside Friday, finds maybe serial killer/ crime novelist Catherine Tramell (Stone) relocated to London where Scotland Yard has hired a psychiatrist to evaluate the femme fatale’s sanity.

In the original Basic Instinct, Tramell was openly bisexual and had carried on lesbian relationships with at least two women. Stone promised her character’s bisexuality would be more prominently on display in the sequel.

Producers of the sequel to Basic Instinct were forced to edit steamy lesbian sex scenes from the new movie after US censors threatened to give the film a restrictive rating.

“We shot the menage-a-trois (scene) and the girl was really beautiful and hot, this amazing French actress and the ratings board made us take it out... I guess it was too hot,” Stone said as quoted by Pink News. “If you want to see it, I know it's been online.”

In the film, Stone gets sexual with two actresses… four time Cesar nominee (the French equivalent of the Oscar) Charlotte Rampling and up and coming French actress Annie Caillon. – Gay Link Content

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