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Ross von Metze | Feruary 08, 2006

Ang Lee The gays sweep the Oscars

The Oscar nominations are in and, as expected, the homos took Hollywood. Heath Ledger and Jake Geyllenhaal were both nominated for their work as forbidden lovers in Brokeback Mountain, which took home the most nominations of the year – eight in all. The film, a smash at the box office since opening in December, also scored nods for Best Picture, Director Ang Lee and Supporting Actress Michelle Williams.

But the big surprise on nomination day was the overwhelming support for Capote, the story of gay In Cold Blood writer Truman Capote. Star Philip Seymour Hoffman has been snagging his share of awards throughout the season in the title role, but the film itself has been largely ignored – until now. With five nominations, Capote will compete for Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actress for Catherine Keener as Harper Lee. Talk about a rebound!

And then there�s TransAmerica, which scored two nominations� one for Felicity Huffman as a male to female transgender woman on a road trip with her long lost son. The other for the ultimate gay icon – Dolly Parton, who penned the film�s theme song, �Travellin� Thru�, on her tour bus between shows.

And speaking of those hoez of Wisteria Lane:

Nicollette Sheridan Nicollette Sheridan to Join the Pussycat Dolls

And if anyone is up to the challenge of making those burlesque beauties actually come off as sexy again, it�s Nicollette Sheridan.

As Edie on Housewives, Sheridan is always the life of the party. Whether she�s slamming Teri Hatcher�s Susan (�Bartender, keep me full. I�m going to be with her all night,� was my personal favorite) or making a desperate attempt at getting her way (tying Karl to the bed so she can watch her movie alone downstairs is another gem), homegirl�s always got it going on.

And now, the actress will supposedly perform a raunchy burlesque act at the Valentine's Day in Las Vegas hotspot Pure.

Earlier this month, the star's ex-fianc� claimed she is a dull lover – and said he would only rate her as two out of ten between the sheets. Nick Solderblom said he and Nicollette were only intimate six times in the eight months they were together before they recently split.

Now, it looks like Brit born bombshell is going to have the last laugh. Not only is she back with �80s fianc�e Michael Bolton (and they very, very oddly look good together), she�s got the gams to show the world just what sex appeal looks like.

You go girl!

Halle Berry Halle Berry�s Man Troubles Continue

And now on to something not so pleasant.

It seems when Halle Berry told Oprah she would never get married again, she should have been more specific. With rumors flying that the Oscar winner�s latest beau (Versace model Gabriel Aubry) is a womanizer, it seems Halle is headed down the same damn road yet again.

Two years ago, she dropped hubby Eric Benet after he admitted to having a sex addiction and cheating on Berry. Before that, she had a tumultuous four year marriage to David Justice, who many say also cheated on her. And, another past relationship left her partially deaf in one ear after the man punched Halle in the side of the head.

I�m not going to make light of violent and destructive relationships, because I think we all know they happen far too often in the gay community for us to be casting stones. But it seems to me Halle should probably bust out a journal and take note. It ain�t cute to keep making the same mistake over and over. Just like Catwoman was a flop, so is your attempt at a love life. Adopt that kid you keep talking about, move to some remote city in the Midwest and get your shit in gear before you start dating again. It�s about damn time you take a break.

And even Less Pleasant �

Did you know that bitch from Full House had a drug habit?

Did you know that bitch from Full House had a drug habit?

No, not THAT bitch. That bitch. Mary Kate�s coke habit is old news. Jodie Sweetin�s meth habit, on the other hand, is just coming to light.

Yeah, allegedly Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner on Full House, did tweak. The now 24-year-old actress admitted on Good Morning America this week that she took up with the drug a couple years back out of boredom. After getting her degree in liberal studies and marrying a cop, she says she had trouble adjusting to life outside the Hollywood scene and went down the wrong road. She sought out treatment earlier this year after Full House co-stars Mary Kate & Ashley, Bob Saget and John Stamos staged an intervention. Boy, that must have been one odd meeting of the minds.

Anywho, after a stint at Promises, Sweetin is going on a year sober and now says she wants to get back into acting. Girl, a bit of advice. You�re one of those few chicks from the �80s who managed to score a degree. Use it. Cuz lord knows Hollywood ain�t the place to promote sobriety.

Ashton Kutcher Two Tales of Hot Men

First up: Ashton Kutcher, who I frankly think was a lot hotter before he hooked up with Demi Moore, but that�s just my personal opinion.

Anywho, Ashton was reportedly left steaming when movie bosses ordered him to take off his Kabbalah bracelet while shooting new film The Guardian. The stud was forced to remove the religious trinket, a red string band, because otherwise it would have to be digitally removed after filming finished, costing literally thousands of dollars.

This isn�t the first time Kutcher�s bracelet has cause havoc on a movie set. Last year, rumors circulated that the producers of Guess Who?, Kutcher�s flick with Bernie Mac, spend upward of $100,000 taking the string out of that film.

Honestly, at this point, I say let the dude wear the fucking thing. I mean, come on. Do you honestly think a red string following Ashton around Guess Who? Would have actually made the movie suck? It sucked anyway. If anything, the string might have helped boost ticket sales among Hollywood�s trend-happy and elite.

Brad Pitt And Hollywood�s ulimate heart throb can hold on to his crown for yet another year. Britain�s New Woman Magazine has once again voted Brad Pitt the sexiest man in the world. Though Jake Gyllenhaal came in a close second, it wasn�t enough to strip the 42-year-old of the crown.

New Woman editor Helen Johnston said: "Brad Pitt is a God. He's even sexier now than he was 10 years ago."

Helen said women have forgiven the Troy star for leaving wife Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, who is expecting their first child.

And gay fans of the Bradster may just get another wish granted� rumor has it the hunk is desperate to play gay in a bid to snag an Oscar. Who knows it he�s serious� I�m just hoping for a sex scene to match.

Now, before signing off, I�d just like to give a little shoutout to my girl of the week� Ms. S. Epatha Merkerson. The Law & Order star won a Screen Actor�s Guild Award for her work in the miniseries Lackawana Blues and thanked her divorce lawyer, after which she offered up one hell of a cruel cackle. Now that�s what I�m talking about girl. Get everything!

To Review: Oscar loves homos, Nicollette Sheridan may be bad in bed but she�s hot as hell on stage, Halle Berry might want to consider switching to chicks, Ashton Kutcher�s got a thing for string and Brad Pitt as a bottom would equal awards and one very happy gossip coluimnist.

Until next time!

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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