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Brad Pitt looking for his Brokeback

Ross von Metzke | February 03, 2006

Brad Pitt
HOLLYWOOD, California — On the heels of the success of Brokeback Mountain, British newspaper The Sun is reporting that Brad Pitt is looking for the "ultimate gay love story" script.

A source told the paper: �Brad has asked his people to find him a script to play a gay man. He wants it to be a story that appeals to both men and women and he wants it to be the edgiest work he's done.�

The closest movie goers have gotten to watching Brad go gay is in 1994�s Interview With a Vampire. In the film, a sexual relationship is hinted at between Pitt�s Louis and Tom Cruise�s Vampire Lestat, though nothing is ever shown on screen.

Sources say Pitt is looking for the same critical acclaim Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal have received for the hit film. They say the only way he feels he�ll get it is by doing a gay themed film.

�He's seen the critical acclaim that Brokeback Mountain has won and he wants a piece of it,� the source continues. �Brad knows it would be seen as shocking to take on a gay role because he's seen as such a heart-throb. But he has never shied away from taking on controversial films, and he has often chosen to do smaller, more challenging movies, rather than go for the big box-office smash.�

Brad Pitt just wrapped filming on two movies: Babel, a romance co-starring Academy Award Winner Cate Blanchett, and The Assassination of Jesse James in the title role.

Both films are expected to release this year.

Pitt is currently romancing actress Angelina Jolie after a much publicized divorce from Jennifer Aniston. Jolie recently announced she is pregnant though she has yet to confirm Pitt is the father. – Gay Link Content

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