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Ross von Metze | November 02, 2005

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Janet Jackson says she don�t got no kid

In spite of everything, Janet Jackson is still the most normal member of her family. Nipplegate and the FCC fines that followed may have looked bad for your run of the mill pop star, but when you�ve got a sister doing the QVC circuit and writing a new tell all book every two years to pay rent and a brother who�s been virtually forced to spend his golden years on foreign soil, it ain�t so bad. And hey – so you managed to hide a marriage for nine years. Small potatoes compared with recent allegations you�re actually the proud mom of an 18-year-old kid with ex-husband James DeBarge. Even still, you�ve got Michael, LaToya and the parents beat.

Here�s the scoop. Last week, Janet's former brother-in-law Young DeBarge told a US radio station Janet has an 18-year-old daughter named Renee, who was kept a secret and sent away to live with the eldest of the Jackson siblings, Rebbie. For a few days, Janet kept her mouth shut, ordering her publicist not to comment. Now, after research has proven that the girl on a video tape DeBarge produced is not her daughter and a statement from Etterline DeBarge that she has no proof she has a granddaughter, Janet has finally broken her silence.

�I do not have a child, and all allegations saying so are false,� she told the Associated Press Wednesday.

Rumors that Jackson and DeBarge�s short lived 1984 wedding produced a child have been circulating for 20 years, but this is the first time someone in the DeBarge camp has gone on record and directly accused Janet of lying.

Also this week: the video, and this time Timberlake had nothing to do with it. Some man hid in Janet�s bushes and filmed the lady taking a catnap by the pool without her clothes. In one scene, she slaps suntan oil on her ass like you might expect mom to baste a turkey at Christmas. Still, Janet doesn�t come out looking that bad. I mean, her tits don�t move (further proof that they�re fake) and when she sits up to adjust her towel, you catch a nice glimpse of a discretely trimmed bush. So other than the fact that she probably needs to consider hiring a full time security team, props to you, Janet. Thirty-nine is looking awfully damn nice.

Paris Hilton Paris Hilton: Liar or Short Term Memory Impaired?

Just last week, the Hollywood Celebrity Buzz reported that Paris Hilton was appalled by allegations she had slept with Hollywood bad-boy Tom Sizemore when she was just 19 years old. Not only did Paris suggest her name was dragged into the story as a publicity stunt, she implied she�d never even met the guy: �He is not an acquaintance of mine, nor have I ever had intimate relations with him.�

Wanna bet? On Tuesday, Vivid Entertainment (the adult film company behind the upcoming release of a collection of Sizemore�s home sex tapes) began circulating a photo of Tom, Paris and a third lady looking awfully chummy at a 2000 holiday party. Never met the guy, huh?

As Paris continues to deny she�s ever screwed the guy, Sizemore, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, in gung ho for his video to hit stores. On it, he claims Hilton remained at his house after the party and suggested they sleep together.

�She knew what she could do to people,� he says, adding she was �killer� in the sack.

The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal DVD comprises over 70 minutes of uncut and uncensored video of Sizemore having energetic sex with up to four young women at a time. It also includes a candid audio interview in which Sizemore talks about his admiration for ex-girlfriend, former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss.

Meanwhile, Hilton is trying with all her might to get the video pulled from shelves. Yeah, cuz she had so much luck doing that with a tape that showed her getting it from behind for nearly 30 minutes. Like she�s gonna manage to get a video that merely suggests she likes it doggie style yanked!

Also is Paris news, reports are circulating this week that she and her new lover, Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos (she loves those Greek trust fund babies), got it on in a portable bathroom outside an LA party recently. Photos of the two screwing in the surf in Greece hit the Web last week, and now, paparazzi is being offered a pretty penny for any photos confirming Paris likes it in the loo.

Every time we write about Paris, I try to come up with something punchy and clever, but all that ever seems to come to mind are works like slut, twat and cochina.

Nicollette Sheridan Nicollette Says Buh-Bye to her Betrothed

Nicollette Sheridan may look right at home shacking up with Susan�s ex on Wisteria Lane, but in real life, the Desperate Housewives star�s engagement to Nicklas Soderblom has reached a not so happy ending. Nicollette confirmed this week the couple have ended their 18-month relationship, just days after she told the press their romance was still going strong.

The actress's publicist, Nicole Perna, told America's People magazine: �Nicollette Sheridan and Nicklas Soderblom have parted ways after a year and a half. They ask that you respect their privacy at this time.�

No sooner than the ring has been returned to sender, some media reports are suggesting the split had to do with Soderblom�s inability to pull his weight around the house. Apparently, Nicollette was sick of playing Mommy Warbucks and issued an ultimatum: Get a job, or get out.

Last year Sheridan joked that she was the brokest girl in prime time, alluding to the fact that her co-stars each received a heftier paycheck than she. Hmmmm! Connection?

Earlier this month, Nicollette, who plays saucy Edie Britt in the hit show, confessed she was finding it difficult to balance her relationship with her hectic career. She admitted: �It does get difficult at times, especially when work means that we can't be together, but the absences make it all the more special when we do get together. Niklas is incredibly supportive of my career and he handles all my success very well indeed.�

Well, let�s hope he continues to cheer you on now that he�s out an allowance.

Quick Takes

Catherine Zeta-Jones Zeta�s Mum Turned on By Hubby Michael

The Legend of Zorro star Catherine Zeta-Jones told Life Magazine her mum got hot and bothered when she first saw Michael Douglas� steamy sex scene in Fatal Attraction. The raven-haired beauty says her mom �gave her a nudge� when they first watched the film and the two now laugh about it. She said: �Mum says now, �Little did I know you would marry him!�� Zeta also confesses to driving her hubby nuts with intimate details about her make-out scenes with Brad Pitt in Oceans Twelve, telling him she spent the day on set �kissing Brad Pitt on a bridge.� Now for the big question – Did Catherine ever sit around lusting after Kirk in Inherit the Wind?

David Beckham Beck is Going Back to School

Soccer star and Metro hunk David Beckham has announced he is going back to school – so he can become licensed to teach children soccer. The sports dynamo, who has three sons with wife Victoria Beckham, decided to sign up for the course after taking an interest in making the sport safer for youngsters. The athlete, who must complete the course before he can teach at the football training schools he is opening across the UK and the US, will be taught how to spot signs of abuse. Regardless of what school teaches him, I know one thing. I am officially volunteering to be snack mom and stand there with the water bottle and towel.

Mariah Carey and Sneaky Pete Photo of the Week: Mimi and Company

No real news here – just a photo I had to share. Look at Mariah Carey, sitting tall and pretty with her new best friend, the Executive Producer of Glitter, who now goes by the name of Sneaky Pete. Glad to hear you two remained close.

Jim Verraros And in Other Tidbits

Two things you guys need to know this week. If you haven�t already, go out and buy the debut CD from American Idol alumni Jim Verraros. Not only is it excellent – think George Michael circa Faith with a splash of fun, mid �90s Mariah – but Jim has got to be one of the sweetest, most genuinely good guys around. And, did I mention he�s hot and gay. Go support your own. Check it out on Amazon.com or purchase it directly from his site at www.jimverraros.com.

Also, homo-erotic horror director David DeCoteau will appear at the Full Moon Horror Roadshow at the Keswick Theater in Philadelphia on October 31st. He�s the guy behind those Brotherhood movies, among others – you know, the ones where the guys get all sweaty and stressed out and the only way to solve their problems is to lose the shirts and look longingly into each others eyes without ever actually touching. Oh, and their usually a killer or witchcraft of some kind involved. Anywho, they�re hot, so check out David live. For more info, visit www.rapidheart.com.

And that�s all we got for this week, folks. Thanks for staying tuned, and until we meet again, one person�s trash is another person�s rent check. – Issued by Gay Link Content

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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