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Ross von Metze | October 04, 2005

Kate Moss Kate Moss sniffs out trouble and potential jail time

Come on! Was anyone really surprised when it came to light that Kate Moss has a little coke habit? I mean, that�s like dropping the bombshell that Rosie O�Donnell is gay or Jesse Jackson is black! The girl looks like a cocktail straw and fashion houses everywhere are dropping their collective jaws in shock. Please!

To play catch up for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few days, a British tabloid snapped pics of model Kate Moss allegedly snorting up a mound of coke while chilling in a recording studio. Initially, Moss� response was one big collective �fuck you� to the photog who got the pics. Then, after European based clothing house H&M; announced they�d be dropping her from their upcoming campaign, Moss did an about face and issued a public apology, accepting �full responsibility� for her actions and expressing regret to those people she�d let down.

Too little too late? It would seem that way. Chanel promptly announced it would not be renewing its contract with the model when it expired this month. The proud plaid peeps at Burberry told Moss to hit the road, and Gloria Vanderbilt also seems to be putting distance between the brand and the model. Only British cosmetics giant Rimmel has given any indication they might stand by Kate�s side, and only that is a lingering maybe.

All that and London�s Metropolitan Police are investigating to see if she should face criminal charges.

OK, I�m not promoting coke use, but isn�t this a tad hypocritical? Naomi Campbell has beaten the shit out of half the women she�s ever worked with and she�s still allowed to prance down the catwalk. And didn�t Donatella Versace just check herself into rehab for a coke habit the world had been privy to for 20-plus years? And remember Gia? Homegirl would pass out at photo shoots and they�d just powder over her track marks and keep on taking pictures.

Before all these people go ditching out on Kate and attempt to make an example of her, perhaps the fashion industry should take a good, long look at itself and the image it projects. Those in glass houses �

Anastacia First in Line to Toss Flowers at Elton�s Wedding

Dance diva Anastacia (or as I prefer to think of her, the second coming of Taylor Dayne) has let it be known: she wants to be the �flower bitch� at Elton John�s upcoming wedding to long-time partner David Furnish.

The saucy singer, who is infinitely more popular in John�s native England than in America, where she�s from, befriended John a few years back when the two started performing across Europe together. And now, Anastacia – who paid the bills as a wedding singer before an appearance on the now defunct MTV show The Cut caught the eye of Michael Jackson, who immediately called the president of Epic Records and told him to sign her – admits she wants to be a bridesmaid at the December nuptials.

�I wanna be his frickin' orchid-throwing flower bitch! I'd hold his train. I'd hold both their trains because you know those bitches will be wearing trains,� she told a British gossip rag. �I would make a fool of myself for El, he's such a lovely, lovely man and I'm so grateful to know him.�

Anastacia, who recently won her battle with breast cancer, is a long time supporter of gay rights and said she is thrilled Elton and David, along with many other gay couples, will finally be able to have their relationships recognized in the United Kingdom. John is expected to have one of the country�s first weddings when they officially become legal at the end of November.

McCartney Tries to Get a Leg Up on Furrier J'Lo

This is one of those stories that is tough to swallow, but as God is my witness, I triple and quadruple checked this one before bringing it to you.

Fact: Heather Mills McCartney stormed into the New York office of J'Lo�s fashion label, Sweetface, in an attempt to reason with the diva and keep her from using fur in her upcoming collection.

Fact: The former model, who is now married to Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, came armed with a video showing racoons being skinned alive in China.

Fact: JLo was nowhere to be found.

Fact: McCartney lost her leg in a motorbike accident in 1993.

I know, I know� this does not sound at all good.

So apparently, in an attempt to push past security and see J'Lo, her prosthetic leg reportedly twisted and came loose, leaving Heather limping in agony and begging the security team to allow her to use a bathroom so she could reattach the limb.

While security for the fashion house has yet to comment on the incident, famed photographer Richard Corkery, who witnessed the incident, said: �She was obviously in pain, but she found a fire exit to hide in and re-adjust her leg. I saw her limp away from the offices as J'Lo's men were still shouting at her to get out.�

Good lord – will the many reasons to hate J'Lo ever end?

Charlize Puckers Up to Shirley MacLaine�s Ass

When you hear the name Charlize Theron, several things come to mind. She bravely packed on 40 pounds to play the lead role in Monster. She looked more gold than her Oscar when she stepped up to the podium to accept her award. When she isn�t frying herself like a rotisserie chicken in a tanning bed, she�s positively stunning.

Never in there did I mention the words �overmedicated� or �exhibitionist.�

Theron, who admitted it might be the painkillers talking (she�s taking medication for a recent injury to her neck while filming the action/thriller Aeon Flux) began gushing over fellow Premiere Magazine Women in Film honoree Shirley MacLaine while standing in front of a packed audience.

�Shirley, you're my idol! To prove it, I'm going to kiss your ass � literally.�

An offer Shirley couldn�t refuse.

So, the Oscar-winning beauty hopped off the stage, walked into the audience and planted her lips on Shirley's backside.

Charlize, who had later calmed down a bit, owned up to feeling a bit doped up during her speech: �It was a combination of my painkillers and the fact that everybody was paying tribute to this incredible woman, this incredible actress, so I had to go to the physical aspect of kissing her ass. She loved it!�

Hey, the 71-year-old Grande Dame of cinema didn�t seem to mind. Shirley later admitted she thought Charlize was great fun and said she would love to spend a raucous night out with her.

�I've got to get to know her better. I should get drunk with her.�

Now those are two broads I�d like to kick it with.

And there you have it� a week of high drama and bawdy behavior. Behave until next week, and always remember: one person�s trash is another person�s rent check. – Issued by Gay Link Content

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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