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Madge Mucker | August 26, 2005

Lucy Lawless Lucy Lawless wants to take Xena to the big screen

The 10th Anniversary DVD set of Xena: Warrior Princess just hit the shelves, packed full of fan favorite episodes and a variety of extra goodies. Even with all of the crazed popularity of the series still going strong, Xena can't seem to get to the big screen – no matter how much its star, Lucy Lawless, might wish it to be so.

Lucy Lawless played the busty, leather-clad herione in the long-running lesbian-loved TV series, but so far she's had no luck in bringing the infamous Warrior-Princess to the silver screen. In a recent interview with SciFiwire.com, Lawless made her wishes clear on the subject.

�I think a movie would be great, and I�d love to do it. I�ve been wanting to do it for years. But nobody can agree who owns the rights, and it�s a big fat pain in the ass.�

Lawless' husband and show creator Rob Tapert is currently trying to purchase the rights to the show from Universal. If successful, he has plans on finally working toward making a feature film based on the series. We can only hope that if it does happen, Tapert will bring the subtext of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship into the main text at last!

Princess Margaret Television drama spills the dish on Princess Margaret's lesbian lovin'

A British television station has announced plans to screen what they�re calling a �factually accurate� television drama that depicts Queen Elizabeth II's younger sister, Princess Margaret, fooling around with women and taking drugs.

British channel 4 described The Queen's Sister as �a witty and irreverent royal romp� in a press release to British media outlets. One scene features the princess in a lesbian encounter, while another shows her smoking a �strange cigarette� at a party, the channel said Thursday.

"I think some people will find it quite arresting and challenging," said Kevin Lygo, Channel 4's director of television. "It's factually accurate and it's a racy romp."

Francis Hopkinson, Channel 4's senior commissioning editor for drama, said the program "shows the excesses of hedonism" but "wasn't intended as an expose."

Hopkinson said research for the program took place in the form of interviews and reviewing existing sources. Channel 4 said it planned to broadcast the program in late November.

The princess died in February 2002 at age 71.

Lygo said the drama captured Margaret �in the late �50s and early �60s when she was absolutely the most glamorous public female figure in a Diana-like way in her own era and then it all went a bit wrong.� — Madge – Issued by Gay Link Content

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