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Madge Mucker | August 12, 2005

Rosie O�Donnell Rosie O�Donnell joins broadway Cast of Fiddler on the Roof

Openly gay former talk-show host Rosie O�Donnell has joined the Broadway cast of Fiddler on the Roof as Golde. O�Donnell will play the wife of Harvey Feirstein�s Tevye, a move being called �one of the boldest bits of replacement casting in Broadway history.�

With both leads in Fiddler openly gay, the musical about defying tradition will likely see a sudden burst in ticket sales. The show was scheduled to close in February, but producers now say they are banking on O�Donnell�s draw to take the show out of its current ticket slump.

O�Donnell is expected to step into the role in September, marking her third stint on Broadway. Her stint as Rizzo in Grease! was a showstopper, and she also appeared in Seussical: The Musical. O�Donnell has also hosted the Tony Awards and put up the money for 2003�s Boy George financial flop, Taboo. Fierstein said he was thrilled by Sunday's casting announcement.

�As a 20-year friend of Rosie's, I couldn't be happier that we will finally share a stage together,� he said. �With her understanding of Fiddler's important place in theatrical history, I am positive she will uphold that tradition excitingly.�

Most recently, O�Donnell was seen in the television film Riding the Bus With My Sister and in the final season of Showtime�s Queer as Folk.

Melissa Etheridge Melissa Etheridge cancer free and ready for a new baby

Lesbian rock icon Melissa Etheridge has announced that nine months after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she is free of the disease and "fully recovered." Etheridge told AP Radio that "Chemotherapy is so hard on a person" but that she was "97 percent back now."

More than that Etheridge stated in an interview on Extra that she and partner Tammy Lynn Michaels are considering having a child. Etheridge currently shares custody of two children with her former partner Julie Cypher. Both children were conceived via a sperm donation from Etheridge's close friend, musician David Crosby. However, Etheridge told Extra that her and Michaels would not approach Crosby to donate for another child, saying he has "been there and done that."

Etheridge last performed at the Grammy Awards in February as part of a Janis Joplin tribute. She appeared on the awards show with a shaved head and performed with all of her trademarked vigor. She will be resuming live appearances in October and has a greatest hits collection due for release this fall.

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe didn't like sex with Joan Crawford enough for seconds

You'd think 43 years after the poor woman's death, they'd stop dragging Marilyn Monroe's name through the tabloids. Not so. This week the scandal is all about Monroe's alleged conversations with her therapist over a sexual relationship with screen diva Joan Crawford.

Portions of transcripts from the alleged conversations were published by the LA Times, including statements from Monroe talking about a sexual encounter with Crawford. A biographer of Monroe previously claimed there was a relationship between the two women. However, the information has yet to be authenticated as the tapes the transcripts were supposedly taken from have been destroyed.

In the transcripts, Monroe is detailed as saying that she and Crawford "went to Joan's bedroom... Crawford had a gigantic orgasm and shrieked like a maniac." However, Monroe apparently didn't enjoy the experience as much as Crawford. Although the next time she saw Crawford, Monroe said "she wanted another round," Monroe "told her straight away I didn't much enjoy doing it with a woman."

Sharon Stone Sharon Stone likes those 'lesbian' sports

Actress Sharon Stone, made infamous by 'the beaver shot' in Basic Instinct, likes sports. To be specific, she likes "a lot of the lesbian sports" – including golf, fishing and baseball. In a television interview recently, she said she is especially "kind of mad about the fishing thing."

"I just like a lot of the lesbian sports," Stone continued. "I'm a little heavy [in the] loafers – it's true..." To really rev up the engines of those sports loving dykes, Stone also claims that she "can hit an 80-mile-an-hour hardball." Can we say meow? Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction debuts in theaters early next year. No word on whether it features any woodland creatures.

Until next week, take everything you read with a grain of salt – and a shot of tequila. — Madge – Issued by Gay Link Content

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