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Ross von Metze | August 04, 2005

Lauren Bacall It has been quite the catty, busy week in Hollywood

Celebrities are spilling dirt of all kinds every which way, and gossip hungry journalists like yours truly are just waiting to eagerly lap it up.

First on the trash talking train is Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall (not to be confused with Hollywood �legend� Nicole Kidman, whom Bacall told reporters last year is �not a legend at whatever age she is�). The 80-year-old glamour grandma of Hollywood ripped into Tom Cruise recently, one of the first celebrities to take him to task for his �romance� with Katie Holmes, public antics and constant spewing of Scientology propaganda.

�When you talk about a great actor, you're not talking about Tom Cruise,� Bacall told Time Magazine in the August 8 issue. �His whole behavior is so shocking. It's inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially, but I think it's kind of a sickness.�

Thank God we still have legends like Bacall to call things as they see them – women who grew up in a time when gossip and publicity was handled professionally and ultimately, could give a shit what anyone thinks about them. Thumbs up to you this week, Lauren. You�re a true gem!

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston spills all to Vanity Fair

Jennifer Aniston doesn�t exactly talk trash in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands now. But since it�s the first time she�s talked to the press about her breakup with Brad Pitt since filing for divorce in January, anything that came out of her mouth was like tabloid gold.

First up, the saccharin shit. She still loves Brad, will probably always love Brad and has nothing directly negative to say about him.

She does admit, however, that the combination of seeing Brad, Angelina Jolie and little Maddox splashed all over the tabloids on their romp through Ethiopia followed by the multi-page pictorial the two posed for in W Magazine, appearing to the world like the perfect couple, got under her skin.

�Who would deal with that and say, �Isn�t that sweet! That looks like fun?� But shit happens,� she says. �There�s a sensitivity chip that�s missing (from Brad). He makes his choices. He can do� whatever. We�re divorced and you can see why.�

Reports say Jen was a bumbling mess through parts of the interview, crying intermittently and generally having a tough time answering questions. While she says she�ll likely never know if Brad actually cheated, her comments and attitude suggest she has a pretty good idea.

Teri Hatcher Teri Hatcher steams up a few windows

Teri Hatcher�s not dishing dirt – she is the dirt� a dirty housewife, that is. Not so desperate anymore at 40, Hatcher has admitted to gossips for www.imdb.com that she has entertained a collection of men in recent months in the back of her Volkswagen van, which rocks the block from the driveway of her home.

�I�m living my youth late,� she says. �I worked when I was young, then I was married for ten years. So I enjoy the innocence of a great make-out. I�ve had that battered VW van for years. I think it�s sexy and hot to get to grips with a guy in my passion wagon.�

But some suggest Teri�s not just stopping at a good lip-lock, and Hatcher, who was vocal about the fact that it had been �a long time� since she�d been laid when Housewives hit the air last year, has even admitted she�s doing just fine in that department these days. Bet that Golden Globe didn�t hurt your chances either, Teri!

Late night bitch fest with Cindy, Joan and Kathy

Professional mud slinger Cindy Adams, fashion hag Joan Rivers and D-list maven Kathy Griffin sat down for a late night supper and bitch fest recently and, according to Adams, who flings mud for the New York Post, the claws came out. But surprisingly, they didn�t belong to Rivers or Griffin.

Rivers, whom Adams describes as �thinner than the scalpels the plastic surgeons use on her,� apparently refuses to eat any fat after 2pm. Therefore, her salad consisted of everything but bacon, ham, cheese and anchovies. Basically, Adams says, Joan had grass and tomatoes. At the other end of the table, Griffin picked at half of a ceasar salad and an Iced Tea, concerned over her weight now that her husband has dropped 100lbs in six months. Adams claims she spilled more than she consumed.

Adams says she was the only one at the table who consumed more than 11 calories and hinted that both bitches needed to pack on a few pounds. Anorexia? That�s so gay!

Kate Hudson Kate Hudson gives hubby go ahead to kiss and not tell

Well, not exactly. In another case of plain filthy behavior, taking a tip from momma Goldie�s book on life and love, Kate Hudson now says she doesn�t want to hear if her husband is ever unfaithful. In the book, Goldie admitted she�d actually given lover Kurt Russell permission to cheat. Talk about some modern ladies.

With a new movie The Skeleton Key opening this month, Kate is on the publicity train – but know this, homos. The real reason to see the flick is co-star Gena Rowlands� ridiculously over the top performance. In the last 20 minutes, Gena launches a full out campaign to dethrone Faye Dunaway as the queen of camp in Mommie Dearest. Don�t believe me? Try keeping a straight face when Gena deadpans the camera and says �Caaaaaarolyyyyyyne! I think you done broke my legs.� Kate Hudson gives hubby go ahead to kiss and not tell And there you have it folks, dirt to get you through the week. Share this shit with friends, loved ones, neighbors, and remember – one person�s dirt is another person�s rent check. – Issued by Gay Link Content

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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