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Madge Mucker | August 05, 2005

Martina Navratilova Martina Navratilova settles lawsuit over L Word, Queer as Folk promotions

Out lesbian tennis legend Martina Navratilova has finally settled a lawsuit against Do Tell Inc, according to a report in the International Herald-Tribune. The company, which markets credit cards to GLBT consumers, engaged Navratilova to help promote their Rainbow Card back in 1995. The Rainbow Card helps fund the Rainbow Endowment nonprofit organization, which promotes GLBT health and social well-being.

However, in late 2004, Navratilova told the company to stop using her image when it began associating with the hit queer television series Queer as Folk and The L Word. Navratilova called the shows "depraved" and took Do Tell Inc. to court, seeking $75,000 in damages. An undisclosed settlement was reached last week and neither Navratilova or lawyers on the case are talking.

Leads one to wonder how Navratilova feels about the Olivia travel company, one of her strongest sponsors. Olivia hosted a special L Word cruise a while back featuring the cast of the show, and the cruise was the scene of a large portion of an L Word episode (with lots of fun raunchy 'depraved' sex included). It does seem a bit hypocritical to sue one company for associating with those scandalous dykes – then turning around and putting your face all over the advertising for another company that has done exactly the same thing.

L Word ads stir controversy in Britain

Speaking of The L Word, advertising posters in the UK for the series, now playing on Living TV, stirred up controversy recently when the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in London received over 600 complaints from the public about the ads. The posters, which featured images of the scantily clad cast holding each other, drew protests that the images were 'degrading' to women, and an offense to children. According to the Brand Republic media bulletin, one of the images shows a cast member in underwear printed with the phrase "girls allowed", another shows a bit of bare breast (but no nipples unfortunately!). Public complaints reached a record high over the advertisements, but Living TV defended the posters, saying that the images were 'nothing the public hasn't seen before'. The ASA concluded that while some people might find the ads offensive, the images were "not sexually explicit", reflected the actual content of the program and were unlikely to cause harm.

Suzanne Westenhoefer Comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer calls Mary Cheney "useless", says Jodie Foster should "just come out"

In an interview published recently in the Dallas Voice, comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer had a lot to say about other lesbian celebs – both in and out of the closet. The openly gay Westenhoefer appears to have little respect for those who insist on keeping their closet doors firmly shut. The only thing worse? Being a public lesbian figure and doing absolutely nothing for the 'cause'.

In the Voice interview, Westenhoefer dishes on a number of both out and alleged lesbian celebs, including Portia de Rossi, Mary Cheney, Anne Heche, Jodie Foster, Rosie O'Donnell and Katherine Moennig. Rossi was the first to get a taste of Westenhoefer's legendary wit. When asked whether Ellen DeGeneres' newest flame can now be considered a 'bona-fide lesbian', Westenhoefer replied "I really don't know... I guess... The only thing Portia has done is show up at events with Ellen." Considering Ellen's earlier relationship with the now straight-and-married Anne Heche, who also showed up at lots of events with Ellen, I'm going to take that as a bitingly sarcastic remark. (Because it is more fun that way.) As for Heche, Westenhoefer says she never had any bad feelings toward her over the whole Ellen thing, saying "the truth is, women who become lesbians for a little while – that�s a reality, and we all know it." She's never had a problem with the 'fence-hoppers', however, because she doesn't "go for those little femme girls."

Westenhoefer saved her nastiest commentary for Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney. "She may as well go to a Klan meeting," she remarked, �She makes gays look weak... just standing beside [her father] without disagreeing with amendments to the Constitution that prohibit us from getting married and refusing gay adoptions – that�s pathetic.�

Moving on to The L Word's gorgeous butch Katherine Moennig, who made gossip headlines not long ago for supposedly getting cozy with Portia de Rossi's ex Francesca Gregorini, but refuses to discuss her sexuality, Westenhoefer is far more kind. �This is her first round of fame. So let�s just see how it goes before we leap down her throat."

Ani DiFranco Ani DiFranco taking a year off from touring to treat medical condition

Everyone's favorite bisexual folk rocker Ani DiFranco has announced that she will be taking a year off from touring. The singer is suffering from painful inflammation in the nerves and tendons of her hands and wrists. DiFranco was diagnosed with tendonitis earlier this year and took a three month break to treat the condition.

Now it appears that the tendonitis has only gotten worse and "if she were to continue to perform at this time, she would risk permanent nerve damage" according to a statement released by DiFranco's Righteous Babe label. A tour planned for the West Coast for late August and early September has been cancelled, along with all other upcoming live musical performances. However, DiFranco will continue to work on recording projects and on her latest album, due out in 2006.

Jenna Jameson Bisexual porn actress Jenna Jameson signs on with NakedSword.com

We're not really sure why the hell bisexual porn hottie Jenna Jameson has decided to pen a deal with NakedSword.com. The site is pretty much gay male porn 24/7, 365 days a year. So why are they signing a chick? Well, we're not quite sure about that yet, all that's being said is that she will be developing "products" for the company.

Products? What, hair gel? Or dildos? Is NakedSword going bisexual and Jameson will be the cream in the Oreo? Who knows, who cares, she's too hot and too interestingly weird not to keep visiting NakedSword to figure it out – even if it means looking at WAY too many man-parts... (Or not enough, for our bi gals out there, your choice.) Jameson didn't have much to say regarding the deal other than that "gay men and I have a lot in common." Hmmm, you love dick and you are fascinated by boobs – yep, we'd say that's right on the money.

Until next week, take everything you read with a grain of salt – and a shot of tequila. — Madge – Issued by Gay Link Content



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