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Ross von Metze | July 20, 2005

Rob Thomas Rob Thomas goes to the mat with Paris Hilton

Rob Thomas, laughing stock of the rock world? To hear the Matchbox 20 front man tell it, that�s what artists in the music industry seems to think of him. Too commercial, too trendy and completely �un-cool.�

Note to anyone who�s dogged Rob over the years – knock it off, because this month at least, as far as I�m concerned, he�s the shit!

Rob was off to a good start when he bashed Paris Hilton in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last week. It seems Thomas and his wife Marisol are featured in her book (and I use that word very loosely) Confessions of an Heiress. The couple are pictured with Hilton and then boyfriend Nick Carter at a music event and Paris, in her yearbook style scribble, called the Thomas� �good friends.�

Haha – check your Blackberry again, bitch! Not only does Thomas claim the two aren�t friends, he described Hilton and Carter as �truly horrible people.� Ouch!

Score one for Rob. And even if that were his only point this month, I�d probably love him!

But then the Tom Cruise thing happened! Yeah, you knew that freak was bound to come up sooner or later.

So it�s the second week of July and the rumors start – Marisol supposedly caught her husband doing the deed with Mr. Scientology himself. And thus began yet another Tom Cruise is a big ole� homo rumormill.

So Rob Thomas, battle axe that he�s suddenly become, issues a statement saying the rumors are completely untrue and slams Tom by suggesting that if he were gay, �Tom wouldn�t be on the top of my list� it would be Brad Pitt.� Then, giving Tom a taste of his own �why the hell did you have to bring Brooke Shields� career into this?� medicine, Rob Thomas says �I�m more offended by the rumors suggesting I�m a scientologist.�

OK, gloves off! Rob, I think I can officially say not only have you shed your �laughing stock� of the rock world image, but in my eyes, you�re a bonafide stud.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Tom�s zombie and his posse of freaks

This Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes thing started off as a good chuckle, but it�s officially digressed into an eerie and disturbing freakshow.

Katie, who is now being described in the media as a �zombie� and a �fem-bot,� went over the deep end at a recent interview for the cover of W Magazine, rattling on with ludicrous statements including �Tom and I will always be in our honeymoon phase� and �Tom is the most incredible man in the world.� At one point, apparently at a loss for yet another Hallmark catchphrase, Katie�s Scientology chaperone/slavemaster Jessica Rodriguez stepped in and declared, �You adore him,� to which Katie did her trademark Dawson�s Creek giggle and slumped back into her chair.

Whether Katie is completely snowed or helping to oil this runaway publicity train remains to be seen, and the actress continues to insist she�s not being pressured to convert to Scientology. But evidence (including a recent statement from Nicole Kidman that she felt �trapped� and �lifeless� during much of her marriage to Cruise) suggests the puppeteer behind TomKat continues to distort any ounce of character the young actress has left for fodder in the next US Weekly.

And, from bad to worse, now John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Kirstie Alley have jumped on the �pills are bad� bandwagon. Now, I�m not saying these folks don�t have a point – doctors do tend to hand out drugs like Paxil, Prozac and Ritalin to people �in need� like its Halloween candy. Hell, I have friends who pop a handful just to get through a Friday night.

But leave poor Brooke Shields (and especially her supposed �lack of her career�) alone. Say your shit and move on. Dragging other celebs into the foray and making personal attacks just makes you look like a troop of traveling circus freaks.

And now, in other news that has nothing to do with Father Tom �

Whitney Houston Nippy coins another gay catch phrase

In last week�s column, I declared, rather bluntly, my lack of love for Whitney Houston. I stand by my comments, but I can�t deny the woman (God love her for managing to coin two of these in one life time) has managed to spin yet another phrase into gay gold. Two years ago she gave us �Crack is whack.� Now, gay guys everywhere are screaming, �Hell to the no,� apparently Orange, New Jersey lingo for, �What the f**k?�

I don�t exactly understand what�s going on with Miss Houston these days, but I do know the gays love a diva in distress, and for four years and running, no one seems to be hovering just above Ground Zero better that Whitney.

Mariah Carey Mariah�s boobies give German TV a thrill

Not that pop star Mariah Carey needs to boost album sales amy, but the pop star whose currently riding a wave of success with her best selling album in six years pulled a Janet Jackson when her dress top literally �fell apart� during a live interview on a German morning show, exposing her set of DD�s to viewers across the country.

Camera operators quickly cut the lights in the studio while members of the crew scrambled to find the stacked diva something to wear. An onlooker said, in the blackout, Mariah screamed �Someone get me a jacket. We know how quickly these things�ll get around the world.�

Mariah quickly changed and returned to the soundstage to finish the show. Onlookers said she handled the embarrassment like a pro and, when all was said and done, donated the destroyed frock to the station�s lobby display. Ah, memories!

David Beckham Ian McKellen�s new gay crush

Openly gay actor Ian McKellen, a two time Oscar nominee for Gods & Monsters and The Lord of the Rings, has never been one to shy away from his sexuality. But now, he�s putting it all out on the table. After meeting Soccer hunk David Beckham and the recent Live 8 AIDS benefit concert, McKellen is, to put it mildly, smitten.

�David Beckham is a beautiful man. He's got a nice smile. I spoke to him at a party. He's a gay icon and I know he likes it,� the actor told the British press.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, Beckham was equally enamored – it seems Becks is a big LOTR fan and was thrilled at the chance to meet Gandalf in the flesh.

�David was really flattered when Ian told him how popular he is,� The Sun reported. �David's a big 'Lord of the Rings' fan so it meant a lot to him.�

Shar Jackson Quentin Tarantino�s new booty call – you�re gonna love this

The Kill Bill mastermind, Quentin Tarantino, who has been linked to a bevy of beauties throughout his career, supposedly has a new lady in his life� Shar Jackson. If the name means nothing, she�s the chick Kevin Federline stepped out on � the momma of Britney Spears� step kids.

Jackson, who used to co-star on Moesha but is best known for being the jilted lady in one of Hollywood�s favorite love triangles, may be having the last laugh in all this. Though reps for Quentin Tarantino insist the two are �just friends� and were in Las Vegas celebrating her mother�s birthday, on-lookers say the pair were very �touchy feely� and �acting like a couple.�

That�s all I could dig up in the dregs of Hollywood for this week. Signing off, remember� one person�s trash in another person�s rent check. – Issued by Gay Link Content

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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