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Ross von Metze | April 28, 2005

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown More Bobby trouble for Whitney

So Whitney Houston spent the last month in Antigua at Eric Clapton�s rehab facility, court ordered to kick her habit or else. Fair enough – I can support a second go at getting clean.

But who�s partying it up at a hotel just a mile down the road? Yep! You guessed it. That thug of a hubby she�s married to, Bobby Brown. The National Enquirer reported Bobby was partying late into the night with 19-year-old Antiguan waitress Samara Emmanuel and that the two were carrying on an affair while Whit was in lock down.

Enter Wendy Williams. For those of you who aren�t familiar with Wendy�s work, let�s just suffice it to say she�s fucking brilliant. She�s the lady who got Whitney on the phone a few years back, before she was ready to admit she had problems, and said her tits looked like �two tennis balls on a broom stick� at that Michael Jackson tribute. Love her!

Anywho, the New York based, tell it like it is radio personality tracked down Bobby�s hotel room number in Antigua and started dialing – on the air. After telling the front desk she was Bobby� sister, they connected her – the interview took six attempts and five hang-ups before Wendy could get us some juice.

�Dude, Wendy, I�ve been up all night writing,� Bobby said during the second attempt. �Now stop calling me or I�m gonna have to knucklebag you.�

�Your wife�s teeth are gonna look like knucklebags if she doesn�t kick that habit. Whatcha been up all night writing, Bobby?,� Wendy wondered, dripping in sarcasm as she dialed back.

Sounding tore up from the floor up like he just rolled out from under some island bitch, Bobby finally talked, asking Wendy why she can�t just mind her own business.

�Why you gotta be stepping out on a sister?,� Wendy probed, to which Bobby responded: �Wendy, you show me some money and maybe I�ll come on your show.�

After alluding to the fact that Bobby�s wife is one of the richest women in the world so Wendy shouldn�t have to pay for an interview, Bobby gave some half coherent shout out to the tri-state area before hanging up for the final time.

Perhaps the next time a court orders Whitney back to rehab, they should also order Bobby to spend the rest of his life on another continent. If Whitney has any hope of reclaiming her former glory, I think that�s what it�s gonna take. If you�re interested in listening to the entire conversation, you can download it at www.kevonsroom.com/wendybobby.htm.

L Word cast might have two real-life lesbians among them

Word on the street (and from a very good friend of the Gay Wired family) is that a cast member of The L Word (who has, in previous interviews, claimed to be straight) was seen macking on a lady at a party at the Los Angeles gay bar The Abbey a few weeks ago. So, not one to miss an opportunity, our source stopped her and asked if she was just making out with a girl.

�Oh yeah, I guess I was,� the cast member laughed, going on about her business. I can�t say who it was, but Karina Lombard is no longer on the show, Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman are married, Pam Grier and Mia Kirshner are supposed man hounds and Leisha Hailey is already out. That should help narrow the guessing game.

Paris and Nicole Paris and Nicole no longer friends?

Well, at least that�s what Paris Hilton says. After months of not being seen in public together with Nicole Ritchie, Paris came forward with the following statement to US Weekly.

�It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends. It wouldn't be fair to the fans if we pretended to be best pals. I will not go into details of what happened. All I will say is that Nicole knows what she did.�

Well damn girl. Talk about airing all of your dirty laundry on the table. Am I the only one who thinks Paris comes across reeking of new money þ she�s like this stupid, bottle blonde whore whose main claim to fame is managing to fall asleep while Rick Solamon ate her p***y on video tape.

For anyone with the misfortune to actually catch an episode of The Simple Life, any so called �moment� the two had was due entirely to Nicole Ritchie�s charisma. Without her, Paris is just B-list celebrity one job away from unemployment.

Ashton Kutcher Kutcher nude for #1 opening?

I thought that might catch your attention. Yup, you read that right. Punk�d hunk Ashton Kutcher has announced that if his romantic comedy A Lot Like Love opened at #1 at the box office this coming weekend, he will strip down to his skivvies for a Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

Kutcher modeled for Versace and CK before segueing into acting and recent and has stripped to his underwear for a sketch on Saturday Night Live. And, coming on the heels of his first nude scene in Love, he says he shouldn�t have too much trouble.

�I love being nude,� he told reporters.

�Ah � so that explains why Demi�s daughters like him so much.�

Jane Fonda Fonda faces down Camel spitting war vet

Just weeks ago, we reported on the multiple threesomes Jane Fonda�s says she was forced to have in her tell all autobiography, My Life So Far. Now, Fonda is on the road promoting the book and, at a recent signing in Kansas City, Missouri, a disgruntled Vietnam war vet still steaming over Fonda�s 30 year old anti-war stance and now infamous visit to Hanoi, decided to let her know just how mad he was by spitting tobacco juice in her face.

Fonda has refused to press charges – in fact, she wiped the juice from her face and continued signing books. The man has also refused to apologize, saying he was simply doing �what thousands of other war vets wanted to.�

Fonda has since said she has regrets about how her anti war stance was viewed across the United States. Fonda will be seen in her first film in 14 years when Monster in Law hits theatres in late May.

Brandy Brandy and Monica team up for duets project

Former black teen queens and "The Boy is Mine" duet partners Brandy and Monica are hoping to boost recent lackluster sales for both of their latest efforts by teaming for another duet project. While gossip columnists insisted the two loathed each other while working on "Mine", both ladies have insisted they got along well and continue to be big supporters of one another.

The collaboration would reteam the two with "Mine" writer and heavyweight producer Rodney Jerkins and would appear on both ladies� forthcoming albums. Brandy�s latest CD, Afrodisiac, was certified gold – a far cry from the multi-platinum releases that preceded it. Monica�s After the Storm reached platinum status last month.

Paula Abdul The Paula Abdul Pill Project!

You watched, you paid attention, and now, we have a few theories on what exactly Paula Abdul is pumping her body full of during commercial breaks.

A few of you think pain pills (Paula hurt her back in the mid �90s and has since endured several surgeries to make her well), one person voted for long expired Quaaludes, some people think she�s just a lush and one man thinks she�s discovered her own version of female Viagra. But my favorite theory came from a lovely San Diego based artist named Prudence Horne who, apparently, thinks Paula�s cheap and ghetto and just doing shots of Benadryl behind Randy�s chair.

Well, she is from the Valley.

On this week�s episode, it was more of the same slurred speech and lazy eyes. At one point, she said Bo Bice gave her goosebumps and, while feeling up her arms, gave this sort of orgasmic tingling coo to the camera.

You know the routine. Watch next week and e-mail your theories to buzz@gaywired.com.

Until we visit again, remember, one person�s trash is another person�s rent check. – Issued by Gay Link Content

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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