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Ross von Metze | March 23, 2005

Mariah's scary

Mariah, Mariah, Mariah! Seems like drama follows you like a swarm of bees follow honey.

It was �Visions of Mariah� Monday night when the 34-year-old songbird, looking stunning and refreshed in a white fake fur, turned up at New York�s Waldorf Astoria hotel for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dinner. But when it came time to take her seat for dinner, Mariah Carey came damn close to becoming Mariah Scary.

It seems, unbeknownst to Mariah or her publicist, the singer had been seated directly next to ex-husband and manager Tommy Mottola and his new slave – I mean wife – Mexican siren Thalia. Teeth gritted and eyebrows raised, Mariah forced a smile and handled herself with dignity, greeting Mottola and extending her hand to shake with Thalia. Photogs snapped a few pics, Mariah bid them farewell and excused herself from the dinner. Thankfully, Mariah had a built in reason to leave – an overnight flight to France to promote her new album, the forthcoming The Emancipation of Mimi.

Before leaving, Mariah was sure to make the rounds – posing for photos with Justin Timberlake, Bo Diddley and Chrissie Hynde. According to onlookers, it was Thalia who was livid.

�No one was paying much attention to her,� an onlooker told Page Six.

In an interview with Essence magazine next month, Mariah alleges that Mottola was �mentally abusive� to her during their marriage.

Vivica Fox Vivica Fox tells off Starlet hopeful

For any of you watching the new WB reality show The Starlet, a show looking for the next big Hollywood actress, the following news from last week�s episode might be old. But for the other 99-percent of you who haven�t had a chance to tune in, read on: If this doesn�t make you want to re-set your TiVo, nothing will.

Last week on The Starlet, one very upset contestant took the constructive criticism Hollywood legend and judge Faye Dunaway was offering her and, well, essentially told Dunaway where she could stick it.

In comes The Starlet�s answer to Simon Cowell, saucy and brutally honest Vivica A. Fox.

�Young lady,� Fox told the contestant, who by now was pissy and irate. �That woman over there is a legend who is trying to give you advice that could help you. Drop the attitude and give her the respect she deserves.�

As the contestant had the nerve to attempt to interrupt once more, Vivica stepped in again, this time snapping: �Lady, what did I just say?�

Ummmmm�. I don�t know about you, but Vivica is my new best friend and that bitch (her name is Courtney, casting directors everywhere, and she got the boot) will likely be busing tables at Denny�s for many years to come.

Boy George Madonna a homophobe? So says Boy George!

Say it isn�t so. After more than 20 years of devotion and love for the gay community, Madonna, according to Boy George, is a hypocrite and a homophobe.

Say what?

According to George, followers of the Kabbalah (a form of Jewish mysticism Madonna is credited with making trendy among many Hollywood celebrities) believe that homosexuality is a disease that can be cured.

"She's such a hypocrite. This is the woman who has embraced homosexuality and used it to her advantage," George told a British tabloid.

Madonna, who has a strong relationship with her openly gay brother and a well-publicized friendship with lesbian activist Rosie O�Donnell, said she refused to justify George�s accusations with a response.

Paula Abdul Pissy Paula not so nice off TV?

Paula Abdul may come off at the queen of nice opposite Simon Cowell�s rough exterior as a judge on American Idol, but according to onlookers at a Bobbi Brown makeup boutique last week, Paula�s demeanor might just be the best performance of all.

According to customers at the Los Angeles store, Abdul came in to purchase makeup last week �screaming into two cell phones at the same time� and nodding her head around for someone to help her.

Well, instead of running to her aid, apparently, the store cleared out, with employees all managing to �find something else to do� and customers filing out the front door one by one.

An onlooker told Fox News that Abdul finally got fed up and, still talking into both cell phones, left without making a purchase.

Lil� Kim This just in: Lil� Kim going up river?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of Lil� Kim�s testimony? Apparently, just one security camera and a smart prosecutor because Kim, who previously testified she did not see two friends who have since pled guilty to their involvement in a 2001 radio station shootout, has been convicted of perjury and conspiracy and may serve up to 20 years behind bars.

Kimberly Jones, better knows as Lil� Kim and Queen Bee in some circles, testified in 2001 she did not see her manager Damion Butler and a friend at the shootout. But a security camera shows Butler opening the door for Kim and her assistant and the two making eye contact.

Lil' Kim won a Grammy Award for her part in the hit remake of Lady Marmalade in 2001. Her last album, 2004�s La Bella Mafia, went platinum last month.

Reverend Phelps Homo free theatre? Hmmmm –

Since political figures like George Double-yah and the Reverend Phelps seem incapable of enjoying life so long as we homos are a part of it, some very savvy, forward thinking men have created a theatre company for all right-wing homophobes to enjoy.

The Straight Acting Company www.gayfreetheatre.com have created a season of plays that can assure they include no homosexual themes or homosexuals on stage. Plays including A Six Pack for Sister Sarah and Women in Chains promise to leave you weeping in the aisles – a manly sort of weep, of course. None of that gay bull shit.

In fact, our dear president and Dr. Laura both had some witty praise for the theatre company.

"Now, here's something I can enjoy! And what a relief it was to know that there were no homosexuals onstage!" – President George W. Bush

�Well, it�s about time!� – Dr. Laura Schlesinger

And there you have it for the week, folks. Just as a few little parting gifts, remember last week when I spilled the beans about Charlie Sheen temporarily making his home at a Burbank boutique hotel? Well, he�s still there, unshaven and disheveled as last week.

As we always say, one person�s gossip is another person�s rent check. – Issued by Gay Link Content

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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