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Ross von Metze | March 02, 2005

Naomi Campbell Diane interviews Naomi

I sat down in front of the television last Thursday night ready, willing and prepared to laugh my ass off at Naomi Campbell�s interview with Diane Sawyer. Visions of Whitney�s Crack is whack tirade came flooding back as I popped some popcorn, grabbed a soda and settled in for a night of reality television at its finest.

Newsflash. No cold sweats. No cracked out jitters. No verbal assaults on Diane. Instead, viewers saw a side of Naomi I wasn�t even sure existed until this interview. Naomi Campbell was brutally honest about her coke addiction, going so far as to say she had no one to blame but herself because if you blame others, you haven�t learned anything. Hell, Whitney couldn�t even officially admit she had a problem, and that lady sweats like Crisco in an oven.

So either Naomi Campbell is a far better actress than her debut opposite Vanilla in Cool as Ice would have you believe or there is genuinely something more to her than the coked out, violent bitch we usually see parading down the runway on E!. Damn! I was really hoping for another MAD TV sketch in the making.

Dolce & Gabbana More than an & between Dolce & Gabbana

Sad but true, after twenty years as the fashion industry�s most recognized and sought after gay couples, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have decided to go their separate ways.

As Shona Black reported Wednesday on GayWired.com, the Italian designers behind sexy looks for Kylie Minogue, Beyonce Knowles, Whitney Houston and my favorite pair of �let�s fuck� briefs are parting ways on a personal basis. Breathe a sigh of relief, ladies and gentleman, because that men�s their business will remain intact.

And while all reports say the pair are parting ways amicably, stay tuned – it�s been my experience that very few gays can ever sever ties nice and easy. And besides – what good�s a gossip column without some hair pulling and a good spike of jalapeno juice to your ex boyfriend�s lube?

Debra Messing Where there�s a Will, there might not be a Grace

Tension is high on the set of Will & Grace this week as sudden movie star Debra Messing (her romantic comedy The Wedding Date looks poised to triple its budget) has issued a demand: Either producers move the show to New York next season or she won�t be coming back.

According to sources, Messing is pushing for the move so she can settle into her new big city digs with her husband and new baby, but some insiders speculate Messing may just be trying to leverage herself for more money as the breakout star of the series (she�s the only one to successfully transition into any kind of a post W&G; career). And while Will might not make for a terribly enticing title, we could always have the Jack & Karen spin off fans have been pushing for – or better yet, how bout Rosario in the City. I�d watch that!

Anywho, word is the stars aren�t speaking to Debra and, with ratings on the slide this season, fans could be faced with the possibility that gay TV�s most recognized show may not be returning for an eighth season.

Drea De Matteo Drea De Matteo looking for a few good ladies?

Is it just me or has it suddenly become trendy to be a hot looking lady who likes ladies? While Joey and The Sopranos star Drea De Matteo says she is not a lesbian, she does admit that, like Angelina Jolie, sometimes she welcomes the company of a lady. �Every now and then – well, I can�t say I�ve never been with a woman,� De Matteo told reporters for Britain�s Daily Sport.

Portia De Rossi? Gay! Cynthia Nixon? Gay right now! Marcia Cross? Not gay, but apparently The Advocate and half the gossip columnists in the world have speculated that she is. Drea De Matteo? Gay after three martinis. And here all we gays get is Rupert Everett (OK, we scored there) and Clay Aiken (yeah, deny it all you want publicity team, but anyone who considers Barry Manilow and Paul Anka heroes is gay as HELL!)

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan a marked woman?

I started out just thinking Lindsay Lohan would wind up on that same downhill spiral that claimed Tara Reid and her career a few years back, but after watching her father on Primetime Live! Last night, I can officially say that I�d drink, pop pills and wind up in the hospital too if I had that waiting for me at home.

Violent, rude, contradictory, money grubbing, lying, cheating, stealing, drunken behavior – there are just a few of the things Michael Lohan has been charged with recently and, just Friday morning, further evidence shows that Mr. Lohan has, one more than one occasion, threatened to kill his famous daughter and his soon to be ex-wife. Needless to say, after blowing up his car in a drunken wreck last week, Mr. Lohan is officially being held without bail.

As a huge fan of Mean Girls and an even bigger fan of natural red heads (being one myself, underneath all those highlights), I am officially in Lindsay�s corner, as all homos need to be in these trying times.

OK, tis all the gossip I could dig up this week. Oh, I�m sure there�s more – Paris Hilton�s always good for a laugh or two (or a topless lesbian photo or two), but seeing as how we wrote that up already, I figured I�d just save the slut for a closing punchline. – Issued by Gay Link Content

And remember – good, bad or indifferent – one person�s gossip is another person�s rent check.

  • Ross von Metzke is the Editor in Chief of Xodus Magazine and a featured columnist for GayWired.com. His work has appeared in YM, Performing Arts, The San Diego Union Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, Instinct and Gay Web Monkey. Ross lives in San Diego.

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