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Ross von Metze | February 23, 2005

Steven Cojocaru Just say it isn�t so!

Steven Cojocaru, that loving, surgically enhanced, gay as a pair of white Capris on South Beach, Simon Cowell of the fashion world America has come to know better as �Cojo,� has been relieved of his duties as a Today Show correspondent. Just weeks after undergoing a kidney transplants, reps for the show, who claim they have been phasing him out for months, have confirmed Coho will not be back on air.

But here�s where the story gets interesting. Less than a month before, co-hosts Katie Couric and Matt Lauer were all smiles as the wished Cojo well on air and told audience members he�d be back really soon.

�We just hope he�s wearing a stylish hospital gown, because if he�s not, there will be hell to pay,� Couric said on the January 18 broadcast.

So why is it that Cojo�s �firing� comes just days after the announcement that the fashion guru would appear on Oprah to share his kidney failure story? Could it be the Katie/Oprah rivalry was taken to new heights when Cojo, seen as betraying his NBC family, agreed to the interview? Word is that Katie was not pleased and was waiting for a reason to have Cojo ousted – when she got word of the Oprah interview, she allegedly demanded Today Show bosses let him go.

Could it be the queen of morning perk ain�t so cute once her morning Mocha wears off?

Eden Riegel Daytime�s lesbian diva leaving All My Children

When writers over at ABC�s All My Children announced in 2001 that the daughter of the queen of daytime, Erica Kane�s kid Bianca, would be coming out as a lesbian, gay and lesbian fans of the long running soap rejoiced – and the soap gained some ground in the ratings. Not only was it a milestone for daytime TV, but in making the story line directly revolve around daytime�s Grande Dame Susan Lucci, AMC were giving the issue a level of importance no other soap could offer. Perhaps the most visible character in the history of daytime has a gay daughter.

After four years as Bianca Montgomery, actress Eden Riegel is hanging up her hat and calling it quits – word is the role will not be recast.

Riegel says �it�s time to move on,� and I can safely speak for fans of the show when I say if anyone cane make a successful leap from daytime, it�s Eden. She�s easily the best young actress on daytime, and while her character�s life hasn�t been filled with romance (Bianca�s been too worried about her missing baby, who she finally got back this Christmas, to concern herself with romance), the show also hasn�t shied away from the issue, allowing cast favorites including Erica, Myrtle, Opal and Jackson to rally around Bianca in support of her being gay.

The gay community will be losing a viable voice, but AMC is leaving the door open for Riegel�s welcome return.

Natalie Press and Emily Blunt Lesbians beat Potter at BAFTA�s

Natalie Press, Emily Blunt????

Harry Potter and Vera Drake were no match for the little lesbian who could as the teen romance My Summer of Love beat out the two high-profile films for the coveted British Film of the Year award at this year�s BAFTA Awards.

Love focuses on the relationship between tomboy Mona and spoiled rich girl Tasmin over a summer vacation in the Yorkshire countryside. While a US release date has yet to be announced, given the film�s recent honor, a fall theatrical release is likely.

Jennifer Lopez J-Lo sick – Yeah f**ing right!

Just three days after La Lopez sounded like shit warmed over singing with hubby Mark Anthony at Sunday�s Grammy Awards, the singer (and I use that word loosely) has cancelled a planned trip to London to promote her new album and the movie Shall We Dance? because she�s taken ill.

Can we say damage control? All eyes were on Jen Sunday as her publicist hyped her performance as �thrilling� and �a side of Jen we�ve never seen.� No, thank you, I�ve seen Jen�s ass squeeze into a tight gown before. I�ve also seen her botch song after song, crack in a live stage show and warble in and out of tune. So what was so different about Sunday?

Supposedly, Jen�s been taking voice lessons and Sunday�s performance was supposed to show off all of her hard work. Um, no offense, but even standing still with the help of her far-more gifted husband, Lopez sucked ass. Could it be this sudden illness is really a way of buying Jen yet one more excuse?

Chris Rock Chris Rock�s gay ole� Oscar joke

Far be it from me to make waves, but am I the only gay guy who thinks Chris Rock is funny as shit? LGBT activists and Oscar censors are up in arms over Rock�s recent lewd humor, a preview of what�s to come when he hosts Oscar�s big night next week.

Rock publicly jokes that as a black, straight man, he�s never watched the Oscars.

�Please,� he said. �The Oscars is one big fashion show for gay men.�

Um, yeah! From where I�m sitting, Rock nailed that one right on the money. So what, we�re pissed at Chris for making a clever observation.

How quickly we forget that last year, when the world was up in arms about the issue of gay marriage, Rock, albeit in his own crass way, came out in public support of the gay community.

�I don�t see why we can�t let them get married,� he joked. �Let them all be as miserable as the rest of us.�

Now we�ve got Matt Drudge saying that this isn�t the sort of entertainment America wants to see and LGBT activists fearing what Rock will say next. I say this: The world is too damn serious right now and if Chris wants to call me out for cozying up to the TV on Oscar Sunday to cheer for Cate Blanchett and laugh my ass off at Diane Keaton�s latest fashion disaster, so be it.

Drea De Matteo may love men, but the ladies are just fine too

Gorgeous Sopranos actress Drea De Matteo has come clean and confessed to having spent some quality time in the sheets with ladies in her past. And possibly her future as well. Drea is currently playing the character of Gina, Joey�s (Matt Le Blanc) younger sister in the Friends spin-off series Joey. She is also well known for her extremely dramatic role as Adriana on The Sopranos.

Drea is quoted in Britain�s Daily Sport newspaper saying that she�s tasted the pleasures of same-sex lovin�. "I love men and they're who I go out with,� she said �But every now and then – well I can't say I've never been with a woman." Drea currently does have a boyfriend, Tim Giblin, but says she has �no intention of marrying� and �can�t imagine ever spending more than seven years with someone.� She references another hot bisexual babe as an example: �Look at Angelina Jolie. If she can do it, I can do it.� Right on sister, but how about doing it together?

Well, that�s all she wrote this week folks. Make sure to read next week as I�m sure the days leading up to the Oscars will offer more juicy gay gossip.

And as always, please remember – One person�s gossip is another person�s rent check. – Ross von Metze

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