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Get your PHIXX with the delectable, delicious and downright sexy Andrew Kinlochan!

October 19, 2004

Andrew Kinlochan
"Wild Boys!, la, la ,la ,la ,la", we all sing while driving to work. Back are the days of that fantastic song, and this time from a group of men that are far better looking than the original Duran Duran. Phixx has exploded onto the SA airwaves, and with them young Andrew Kinlochan, the gay member of the band. Thanks to Sheer music, Gmax.co.za was given the opportunity of interviewing the young rising star.

Turning 26 on 12 November, Andrew is certainly clawing his way to the top. As the most publicized of all the Phixx group members, young Andrew Kinlochan had been faced with a number of challenges. We speak to him about these and how it feels to be a gay pop star.

I see you are exactly one week older than me?
Really, wow! So you are also a Scorpio then. I love being a Scorpio. We are passionate, but with a bit of a sting in our tails.

Have you always aspired to have a career in Music?
Yes, I have studies music most of my life, but coming from a small town I needed to have a normal job as well. I worked for a hotel chain while traveling through to London for auditions.

Which music artists do you feel have influenced you (and Phixx) the most?
I grew up with the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran and an American artist by the name of Connor Rees.

What inspires Andrew to be Andrew?
I am lucky that I have a great background. I have not had a hard life. I have great parents and friends who are very supportive. I am just a country boy whose dreams have come true.

How did Phixx come about?
During the show PopstarsThe Rivals all the members got on really well. After the show, we then decided that we should carry on as a group. We are strong as a group, we all get on very well and we are all committed to making it big.

The song Wild Boys is currently big in South Africa, and reports are coming through that the next Music video Love Revolution is going to be slightly controversial.
We like boundaries in our songs and in our music videos. The original Love Revolution music video was explicit so we have had to tone it down a lot, but it is still very good.

If you like being controversial in you videos, does that in the future your videos may contain homosexual overtones as well as heterosexual?
I don't know, but perhaps. I like to push the boundaries and certainly we could perhaps include these scenes in our following music videos. We will have to see.

How was your experience coming out to your fans?
Well it was a natural progression. Before Popstars my family and friends knew, so that was not an issue for me. So it was just a natural progression from there. I remember a reporter asking me if I was gay, I said yes.

Do you think that coming out has had a negative effect on your career?
Not at all. Fans get to know you very well during the show, and what I have felt is that now fans feel like they know me better and like me even more. As the guys in Phixx are also okay with it, so there really aren't any problems. I think that me being gay and the exposure it has created around Phixx has brought more fans to the music, which is great!

So Phixx constitutes something for everyone?
(Laughs) I suppose yes, all the other guys are straight.

So Andrew, tell us, are you single or is there someone on the horizon?
No, I am still very much single. There is just no time to meet anyone. We work extremely hard and at the end of the day I really am just too tired to go out. It would be nice to meet someone I could share my experiences with.

And what about Will Young?
I am sure everyone knows the story by now. Will and I met when doing Popstars. He apparently gave me his number but I didn't call. Will is a really nice guy, but he and I are so busy I really don't know if we will ever get to meet.

And what of a solo career?
Certainly not right now. Phixx is doing very well and we are all committed to making it work. I love the band and the experiences we are having. I don't think that any of us are ready to do something on our own just yet.

And what of a trip to South Africa soon?
I love South Africa and really want to return again soon. We didn't get to see much of South Africa when we were there shooting our music video, and I would really love to see Cape Town.

Gmax.co.za wish to thank Andrew for taking time out of his very busy schedule to talk to us. We would also like to thank Sheer music and particularly Melissa Conradie for organizing this interview.

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