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Lars von Trier ready to revolutionize gay porn

September 30, 2004

Lars von Trier
PARIS — Danish director Lars von Trier, winner of the top prize at the Cannes film festival in 2000 for Dancer in the Dark, is bringing his avant-garde approach to the formulaic world of gay porn.

Hot Men Cool Boyz, produced by von Trier's Zentropa company and directed by Knud Vesterskov, will be released worldwide on October 6 on DVD.

Von Trier is one of the founding members of the Dogma movement, which demands purity and truth in film-making (no false lighting, hand-held cameras). He wants to bring that same realism to gay pornographic films.

Zentropa has already produced three porn films for heterosexuals – Pink Prison, Constance and All About Anna – that adhere to similar principles, such as the need for a real plot, sincere acting and a total lack of violence.

"Feelings, passions, sensuality, intimacy and the lead-up must be emphasized," according to a statement drafted by Zentropa's division for X-rated fare.

"Now wanting to tackle the issue of male homosexuality, Lars von Trier is pursuing his efforts to decipher human emotions, and gay sex is part of that," said Zentropa representative Nicolas Barbano, in Paris to promote the gay film.

"To our great surprise, Hot Men Cool Boyz, which was filmed in 2000, at first met with criticism from distributors of gay films.

For a long time, they said the film was 'too different'," Barbano told AFP. – Sapa-AFP

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