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Taiwanese movie banned for portraying 'homosexual utopia'

July 14, 2004

Formula 17
SINGAPORE — The Taiwanese box office hit, Formula 17, will not been shown under any rating in Singapore because the film "creates an illusion of a homosexual utopia", censors said on Wednesday.

Following an initial ban by the Board of Film Censors earlier this month, the distributor, Festive Films, urged the Films Appeal Committee to allow the movie.

The distributor proposed a "M18" rating for the movie about a romance between two teenage boys, meaning only those 18 or over would would be allowed to see it.

The film "creates an illusion of a homosexual utopia, where everyone, including passers-by, are homosexual, and no ills or problems are reflected", the FAC said in a statement.

"It conveys the message that homosexuality is normal and a natural progression of society," the FAC added.

Plays and films with homosexual themes have become more prevalent here after Prime Minister Goh Chok Teng last year acknowledged gays were employed in government positions. He also urged Singaporeans not to discriminate against them.

Homosexual acts, however, are still regarded as criminal, and no gay pride or similar activities are allowed. – Sapa-dpa

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