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Jena Malone not worried about religious satire in Saved!

June 21, 2004

Jena Malone in a scene from Donnie Darko
Photo - AFP
NEW YORK — Actress Jena Malone says she doesn't feel bad about the way her new film, Saved!, pokes fun at Christians.

"I think it's important to poke fun at things we find really serious," Malone, 19, said in an interview with AP Radio. "I think if we applied that to things in our own lives we'd be able to take things much better."

Saved! costarring Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin, is a sharp satire of religion which takes place at the fictional American Eagle Christian High School.

Malone's character, Mary, believes her figure-skater boyfriend is gay and becomes pregnant with his child to "convert" him to heterosexuality.

One part of the movie that did bother her was the scene in which she fires a gun at a shooting range. Malone says she was hit in the ankle with a stray BB when she was 6.

"It was totally harmless. It wasn't point-blank or anything," she said. "At the time it was horrendous, but now there's not even a scar."

Saved! will soon be in theaters. – Sapa-AP

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