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June 02, 2004

Julia Roberts expecting twins

Los Angeles — Oscar-winning actress Julie Roberts is pregnant with twins and is expected to give birth early next year, according to People Magazine.

The twins will be the first children for the 36-year-old star of Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich, and her husband cameraman Danny Moder.

According to the gossip magazine Star, the babies were conceived by an in-vitro fertilization procedure. Rumours that the actress had frequented a fertility clinic have circulated for the past couple of years, but a spokeswoman for Roberts told People that twins run in Roberts' family.

Even if Roberts takes extended maternity leave, fans of the vivacious actress will still get to see her on the big screen. She is currently filming the Ocean's Twelve and recently wrapped filing Mike Nichols drama Close.

Stars plant trees to redress their environmental damage

London — Celebrities from Brad Pitt to Jake Gyllenhaal have donated funds to the U.K.-based company Future Forest to offset pollution produced by their movie projects and private lives.

According to a press release, Pitt has given 10,000 dollars to have a forest planted in his name in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Gyllenhaal's grove is in Mozambique. Roland Emmerich, director of the eco-disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow has paid for a forest to offset pollution produced in the making the movie.

Other stars who have contributed to Future Forest projects include Cameron Diaz, Elijah Wood, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The roster of music stars who have logged on include Sting, The Foo Fighters and Massive Attack.

While many environmentalists applaud the initiative, some criticize the for-profit company for playing on the guilt of celebrities rather than changing their behaviour.

"To deal with the increased carbon dioxide emissions we face over the next half century, you would have to cover Europe – from the Atlantic to the Urals – completely with trees," said Roger Highman of Friends of the Earth. But he does credit the group with raising awareness, saying, "We are going to need the Brad Pitts of the world if we are going to save it from overheating."

Marc Anthony to play salsa great

Los Angeles — Singer-actor Marc Anthony is to play salsa singer Hector Lavoe in a biopic movie called El Cantante.

The 10 million dollar movie is being co-produced by fellow Latin star Jennifer Lopez, but she will not appear on screen, according to Daily Variety.

Lavoe was one of the biggest Spanish-language singers in the 1970s, but personal tragedy and a heroin addiction left him penniless and dying from complications from AIDS.

"To the Hispanic community, he was as popular as Frank Sinatra, but he had the self-destructive tendencies of Sid Vicious," said Lopez's production partner Simon Fields.

Witherspoon to produce and star in The Reckoning

Los Angeles — Actress Reese Witherspoon is set to change styles.

The flighty star of the Legally Blonde franchise is hoping to produce and star in the supernatural thriller The Reckoning about a harrowing search for missing U.S. soldiers in Cambodia, according to Daily Variety Tuesday.

The movie is based on a book of the same name by Jeff Long. The Reckoning revolves around a female New York Times photojournalist who follows a part-military, part-civilian team to Cambodia to recover the bones of lost soldiers.

Long is a veteran climber and traveller in the Himalayas who has worked as a historian, journalist and election supervisor in Bosnia.

Report: Diaz gets guard for lingerie

Los Angeles — Cameron Diaz has stepped up her security detail after a crew member on her latest movie In Her Shoes was caught sneaking out of her trailer with her panties stuffed in his pocket.

According to the movie website imdb.com, a new bodyguard was hired to specifically guard Diaz's lingerie. A representative for the actress denied the report, saying only that "proper security precautions are now being followed."

Based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Weiner, In Her Shoes centres on the sibling rivalry between an irresponsible and sometimes-employed party girl (Diaz) and her older sister, an ambitious attorney (Toni Collette). When the sisters move in together, they discover a connection they never thought was there.

–Photos - AFP

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