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Natalie Cole to tour with Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick

May 20, 2004

Whitney Houston in Israel recently
Photo: AFP
NEW YORK — Natalie Cole says she'll tour this summer with Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick.

"Yes, Whitney, Dionne Warwick and myself," the singer told Access Hollywood in an interview that aired Tuesday night.

Excerpts were released in advance by the syndicated entertainment TV show.

"It starts in Germany in July. We're going to have ... a great, great time. It's going to be fun."

Cole said one reason she decided to do the tour is her close relationship with Houston.

"I said `yes' because that's my buddy," she said. "I've always thought of Whitney as my little sister. I've known her since she was 19, and ... I feel really good that when they asked who she would want to be on the show with her, she said me."

Cole said Houston is on the road to recovery after beginning treatment at a drug rehabilitation center in March.

"She's doing really great. She's a strong woman and she has a great desire to really get healthy and get well, so I'm just really happy for her." –Sapa-AP

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