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Fassie to be buried in Cape Town: EMI

May 11, 2004

Brenda Fassie
Photo - AFP
JOHANNESBURG — Late pop diva Brenda Fassie will be buried on Sunday in Cape Town, her record company EMI said on Monday.

EMI spokesman Leslie Sedibe said the funeral service was scheduled to take place at Langa Stadium and the proceedings would commence at 10am.

"We are busy organising a well structured send-off, which will be in a form of a memorial service and a prayer meeting, to be held before the end of the week," he told reporters in Johannesburg.

"We were expecting Fassie to pull through and did not prepare for such eventualities hence we are trying to tie up all the loose ends."

Fassie died late on Sunday afternoon.

She was admitted to the Sunninghill Hospital after an asthma attack on April 26 which led to cardio-respiratory arrest.

Doctors resuscitated her but she fell into a coma, and on Friday her family was told nothing more could be done to reverse her condition.

Sedibe said a working committee consisting of representatives from Fassie's family, EMI and the singer's management met earlier in the day to discuss funeral arrangements.

It was decided at the meeting that a memorial service be held at a venue in Soweto this week. Fassie's manager, Chicco Twala, had been delegated to look for the venue.

Sedibe said the Orlando Stadium was fully booked for the week and the FNB Stadium, which is just outside the township, was available.

"The FNB Stadium is available but it is not desirable as we want a place where everyone in Gauteng, especially the people Fassie was close to, to be able to pay their last respect to their icon and heroine."

The prayer meeting would be held in Langa township, near Cape Town.

Arrangements for the service had not been finalised and an announcement would be made shortly, he said.

Sedibe said transport arrangements were underway for people who wanted to attend the funeral.

"We have approached a passenger airliner and it has promised to provide the service at lower rates."

Sedibe said Fassie's body had been taken to a mortuary in Johannesburg where an autopsy would be carried out later on Monday.

"After an autopsy report has been compiled, Fassie's body would be taken to the venue where the memorial service will take place and then be flown to Cape Town," he said.

Sedibe said a number of well-wishers and friends, including funeral undertakers, had approached Fassie's family offering to make a financial contribution.

"People are calling in numbers offering financial support from the goodness of their hearts. The reaction from South African is very heart warming," he said.

Anyone who wants to make a donation can deposit money to the Brenda Fassie Trust, First National Bank, City Deep branch, account number 62065896212 and branch code 255605. Bank deposit slips can be faxed to 011-623-1688.

A call line has been set up for fans and supporters of Fassie. The number is 082-234-2004. Normal cellphone rates apply. – Sapa

Footnote: The Lesbian and Gay Equality Project, dedicated to the advancement of the rights of homosexuals in South Africa, expressed its condolences to the family of Brenda Fassie and said: "In our community we thank her for entertaining us, but also for supporting our charitable causes."

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