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Nia Vardalos of 'Greek Wedding' fame writes for outcasts

May 10, 2004

Scene from Connie and Carla
LOS ANGELES — Nia Vardalos has a theory about the popular kids in high school.

"I have this theory of life that there are four popular people in high school. And then there are the rest of us," she told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

Vardalos, writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Connie and Carla, said she writes for the outcasts and the underdogs.

"I write movies for the rest of us – who never peaked in high school. And for the people that did peak in high school and then realized later that it's all downhill, welcome to the movie as well."

In Connie and Carla, Vardalos and Toni Collette star as lounge singers who go on the run after witnessing a murder and hide out as drag queens at a West Hollywood gay bar.

While doing research for the film, Vardalos said she learned some new terms – such as "drag bag."

"That's the bag that you toss over your shoulder that has all your makeup and your fishnet stockings in it," she said. "Formerly known to us as (a) purse." – Sapa-AP

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