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Jackson memorabilia seized in child molestation case

May 04, 2004

Michael Jackson and his mother Katherine Jackson (R) outside the courtroom after his arraignment April, 2004
Photo - AFP
NEW YORK — Police in New Jersey have seized items of Michael Jackson memorabilia, including a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, that might be used in the child molestation case against the beleagured pop superstar.

Monmouth County prosecutor Robert Honecker said the items had been secured by forensic unit detectives in early March, in line with a request from the district attorney in Santa Barbara County, California, where Jackson lives.

The memorabilia belonged to Henry Vaccaro who, according to Honecker, acquired it several years ago as part of a lawsuit settlement and had recently contacted Santa Barbara investigators to let them know what items he had in his possession.

"Mr. Vaccaro was very cooperative," Honecker said.

A second police visit to Vaccaro's warehouse also uncovered some handwritten notes and photographs. All the items have since been sent to the Santa Barbara prosecutor's office.

Honecker said he was unable to confirm news reports that the Santa Barbara investigators wanted to extract DNA samples from the Calvin Klein underwear.

Jackson, 45, pleaded not guilty Friday to a 10-count indictment that included charges of child molestation and a damaging new count of conspiracy to abduct and falsely imprison a minor. – AFP

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