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Prince opens his own online music store

March 30, 2004

NEW YORK — Pop music star Prince announced his own online music store offering downloads of his songs, calling it "the first artist-owned, independent download store of its kind."

A statement by Prince announced the launch of the "Musicology Download Store" within his NPG Music Club website.

The site will be a music download source for Prince's new album "Musicology" as well as all his independent music.

The launch came in the wake of several legal download websites aiming to offer consumers an alternative to illicit file-swapping that the recording industry is trying to halt.

Like some of the other sites, he will offer downloads at 99 cents per song.

"The creation of The Musicology Download Store underscores Prince's understanding and commitment to the convergence of technology and music," the statement said.

"Instead of relying on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, or any of the other corporate-run and owned music services filling the marketplace right now, Prince is building his own 99 cent pay-as-u-go service."

Prince noted that he is one of the few major artists not restricted by a traditional label contract limiting music rights.

His most recent albums are released on his own NPG Records while the latest will be distributed by Sony Music's Columbia Records.

But Prince's Warner Brothers-owned material, including his biggest hits, will not be on the new site, the statement noted. – Sapa-AFP

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