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Could Australia have a new haven for ‘ugly’ women?
An Australian mining town extends an invitation to less attractive women; Malaysia tries to shut Avril Lavigne down for being 'too sexy'; Manholes go missing in Texas; A Swedish woman tries to sell her apartment with her stepdad still in it; and Italian towns go crazy with a new list of bans against everything from lying in the park to giving a lover a kiss goodbye in a car. Oh and then there's that wacky new idea for a Roman theme park… outside of… wait for it… Rome! Read more
Palau: The Rainbows End
Set about 500 miles east of the Philippines in the tropics of Micronesia, Palau, with its expansive coral reefs and pristine waters is among the top, off the beaten path, diving locales in the world. It was one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite places and is often referred to as the place where 'The Rainbow Ends.' Read more
What’s wrong with a ‘little’ fun?
A dwarf causes big problems at a Swedish airport; a Georgia town invests in strip joint instead of paying its bills; an unfortunate gambler in Atlantic City learns about the returns of personal hygiene the hard way; and, with the Olympics here, China tells airlines to get their passengers in check… or else. Read more
Seattle’s crap is another man’s treasure?
A bunch of fat guys purporting to be Santa Claus converge on Copenhagen; Rome gets tough on snacking; Northern Italy is over mushu and gyros; Lesbians get to keep Lesbos and farmer takes a swipe at Lady Liberty in a field in Northern England.
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A bunny goes to the beach
A Playboy bunny gets paid to go show off her goodies on the world's beaches; A baby-making music festival ignites a pregnancy boom in Colorado; A gourmet culinary adventure at 115 feet and news of the world’s first smoke-free island.
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