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Duane Wells | August 12, 2008

What�s wrong with a �little� fun?

A group of pranksters from a TV comedy show in Sweden failed to amuse Bromma Airport officials when they recently packed a dwarf inside a suitcase and then attempted to check the bag through traditional means.

Unbeknownst to the staff at airline, during the prank, they were being filmed for TV network Kanal 5 when a little person popped out of the luggage at the check-in counter leaving airport staffers �shocked and humiliated.�

According to Reuters, a Kanal 5 spokesman Dan Panas told Swedish news agency TT that the show was meant to be "provocative and entertaining."

He added that the stunt was not meant to make fun of little people, but to make entertainment out of "extreme situations."

Ah those wacky Swedes!

Thankfully for the television crew, the airport staffers decide to put aside the �little� incident and not file official charges with the police.

Clearly Swedish airport employees are a little more forgiving than their U.S. counterparts. Can you imagine the mayhem that would have ensued if someone tried to pull off that little stunt at Chicago O�Hare Airport? Oh the pandemonium!

The town strip joint�

No literally, the town bought the local strip joint!

The town of Lavonia, Georgia doesn�t take too kindly to strippers or strip joints.

City officials in the northeast Georgia town were so desperate to rid their town of the temptations of nude dancing that they spent nearly $1 million to buy and then shut down Cafe Risque, a local strip club they had unsuccessfully gone to court to close several times.

Interestingly, city officials felt closing the club was such a big priority they opted to spend the seven figure sum to purchase the nightspot over paying off the bond fund for a water treatment plant upgrade.

And believe it or not, the city seemed to be on the side of the officials! Lavonia�s mayor reportedly got a standing ovation when he announced the deal at a meeting earlier this week.

There was even a bit of a celebration in the Georgia town as crews took down the signs advertising the now defunct Caf� Risque and burned them in a large bonfire at the strip club site, near a major highway.

A little extreme, don�t you think? And we wonder why some say there are two Americas? Sometimes it doesn�t seem like a half bad idea.

Bathing required�

A 440-pound gambler in Atlantic City learned the hard way that you have to bathe to play.

Last week, after playing poker for 17 hours straight at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Michael Wax admits he smelled pretty foul, but he didn�t think the casino would ask him to leave because of it. However that�s exactly what they did.

A regular gambler at the Borgata, 54-year-old Wax claims that when he took a potty break from the tables on his last visit to the casino, a poker room manager followed him into the restroom and told him that patrons at his table were complaining about his body odor.

When Wax then ignored the complaints and attempted retake his seat at the table, he said one of the casino managers asked him to leave and denied his request for a free room in which he could freshen up.

Gee I wonder why they did that?

The moral of the story – always get a room, never forget the importance of personal hygiene and in the words of the great Gambler Kenny Rogers �know when to hold�em an know when to fold �em.�

Attention all foreign Olympics attendees – Good behavior required! (Or Else!)

China�s motto: If you can�t do it on your own, we�ll make you!

China has announced that it will literally punish airlines whose passengers refuse to disembark or misbehave in protest over problems like delayed flights.

According to Reuters, deputy head of the civil aviation regulator, Yang Guoqing, has said enough was enough after numerous warnings to airlines to treat their passengers better appeared to have failed.

"We will severely punish airlines which experience aircraft occupations and other incidents as a result of service reasons which originate with the airline," Yang told a news conference.

"These measures include cancelling slots at corresponding busy airports."

China is no stranger to airport passenger disturbances.

Only last week that scads of Chinese passengers smashed computers and desks and clashed with police after a night stranded at an airport without accommodation. Meanwhile, during last year's Spring Festival, riot police had to be called to Beijing airport after passengers angry at fog-related delays roughed up airline staff, attacked service counters and tried to storm grounded aircraft.

Happy� happy� joy� joy!

Why are the Olympics being held in China again?

I�ll leave you to ponder that question.

On that note� Until next time�Cheers! – Gay Link Content

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