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Weird, strange and simply bizarre travel tidbits

Duane Wells | Jult 14, 2008

A bunny goes to the beach

�It�s got sand� and it�s got water� and it�s really pretty��

That brilliant description will likely become a familiar refrain from the new show that The Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt has signed on to host for The Travel Channel. The new show featuring Hugh Hefner�s latest piece of arm candy is being called Bridget�s Beaches and will feature the generously surgically endowed (and no doubt scantily clad) Marquardt exploring seaside destinations around the globe for a shocking thirteen episodes.

I can almost hear the giggling and cooing now. Oh and all those brilliant and insightful interviews with locals� I�m sure they will be ever so riveting.

If there were any doubt that sex still sells on television, the fact that The Travel Channel is promoting a show about a clueless blonde frolicking around a series of beaches for thirteen weeks should clear those up posthaste.

Still it�s a fantastic move for Marquardt. She�s got a career, an 80-year old man and one of the best California-style bodies money can buy. Gee� some girls really do have all the luck, don�t they?

Now then...

If you happen to be traveling just north of the Twin Cities, you might just come across a little place with a funny name.

Minnesota�s Burnsville Township is all grown up now and they�re getting incorporated and changing their name to prove it. From now on the community will be known as Nowthen, Minnesota.

Sounds very David Lynch nighttime drama, does it not?

The idea for the name came from an incident that occurred in the late 19th Century. Apparently, during the 1890s, a community leader created a list of possible names for the township�s post office and wrote, �Nowthen, one of these ought to do.�

The name stuck and according to historians the post office came to be known as Nowthen.

Residents say they know the name is funny, but they�re really proud of becoming a city.

I say if they really wanted to be funny they would have chosen 'Whocares' as their city�s moniker instead. But then again, I don�t live in Nowthen, so what would I know about such things.

�Pie in the Sky� anyone?

Imagine doing a little fine dining at nearly 115 feet in the air. Sounds lovely right?

But what if you were hoisted up to that height, strapped in at a table, suspended via a 120 ton crane and left swaying in the breeze to enjoy your gourmet feast?

Kind of a different feeling don�t you think?

Well �Dinner in the Sky,� as it is called, is all the rage in Toronto where the latest edition of the culinary adventure took place over Yonge-Dondas Square.

As part of the novelty dining concept haute cuisine is served as the entire rig dangles in mid air and up to 22 guests admire the view while they eat or sip champagne.

Patrons just have to remember to use the loo pre-hoist as there are no facilities in mid-air.


The promoter says companies can hire the rig – for at least $20,000 a day – to give employees or VIP guests a novel experience.

I suppose next we�ll be paying $100,000 to be chased around a stadium by raging bulls at the world�s fastest buffet.

Moving right along�

A baby-making music festival� Woof!

A health official in Grand Junction, Colorado says her agency sees far more pregnant women in the weeks after Country Jam, an annual music festival which this year featured Tim McGraw, Clay Walker and Sugarland.

According to the Associated Press, Nurse-Family Partnership supervisor Wanda Scott told Mesa County commissioners that her agency normally sees 25 to 30 pregnant women a month but the number jumps to almost 80 about five weeks after the festival.

Not good news for Scott�s program which helps first-time mothers (average age 19) with low incomes.

Hmmm� perhaps Grand Junction should try a blues festival next year? Or better yet ,maybe they should just ask the artists on the bill to shower their audiences with condoms and same sex talk. I mean it�s just an idea�

A totally smoke-free island?

How�s that for a marketing gimmick?

Some health officials want to make the tiny South Pacific island of Niue – pronounced NEE-oo-ay – the first country in the world to be fully smoke-free by banning tobacco.

Though the government has not yet signed on to the plan, a bill proposing to ban smoking and the sale of tobacco in all public areas and private homes in Niue – has been drafted and presented to legislators and some are strongly urging its passage.

In fact, one village, Tuapa, has already declared itself smoke free. There are no sales of tobacco and villagers don't smoke in public or at ceremonial occasions.

By enacting the policy some health officials say the island country has an opportunity to set an example for the world. But somehow I think most of us all already got that memo about the dangers of smoking, don�t you?

If they ain�t smokin� tobacco over there, I gotta wonder what else they�re smoking to come up with this new idea� you know what I mean? Kinda makes you think�

On that note� that wraps another look at the weird, crazy and sometimes truly bizarre travel news from around the globe.

Until next time� Cheers! – Gay Link Content

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