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Duane Wells | June 17, 2008

Brokeback Mountain: The Opera�

I just don�t know how to quit you!

No really. I just don�t know how to quit you Brokeback Mountain!

Get your opera glasses ready Brokeback fans, because the New York City Opera has commissioned an opera based on the award-winning Ang Lee-directed film, Brokeback Mountain. If there is a gay heaven, this masterpiece is already playing to sold out audiences there I'm sure.

A love story about two ranch hands in Wyoming, based on an Oscar winning film, set to an operatic score... sounds like a perfect gay trifecta does it not?

But don�t get too excited because the production isn�t slated to premiere until the City Opera's 2013 spring season. I guess it�s going to take a while to find two hunky operatic stars who also happen to make believable cowboys. There's also the question of which star will be chosen to hit the highest notes, so to speak.

What a conundrum!

Overweight flight attendants grounded in India�

Air India has a big problem with weight� and by that, I�m not referring to the size of passengers� baggage.

In an announcement that is sure to thrill feminists the world over, an Indian court has ruled that flight attendants whose bodily carts are a bit too full can no longer work the aisles on Air India flights.

Responding to a case filed by five air hostesses, a Delhi court found that Air India was within its rights when it effectively grounded the five plaintiffs for being too fat to fly. That�s right. A court basically said to women� if there�s too much junk in your trunk, keep your caboose proximate to the earth.

So much for political correctness.

In its ruling, the court agreed with the airline�s contention that an air hostess� physical condition and appearance played an important role in her overall personality. Further, the court also agreed with Air India�s suggestion that overweight crew present a safety and health hazard.

No stranger to public scrutiny over its superficial expectations of its flight crew, Air India raised eyebrows several years back when the company announced during a recruitment drive that it would not consider applicants with acne or bad teeth. These days, the airline is also under attack for its requirement that air hostesses wear traditional body conscious saris.

And here we all thought sexism in America was bad!

Does that room come with Legionnaires' disease?

As Americans run from grocery stores in fear of killer tomatoes tainted with salmonella, the Illinois State Public Health Department has linked three cases of Legionnaires' disease to a suburban hotel in northwest Illinois.

According to published reports, the pool and hot tub of a Hampton Inn in McHenry County, Illinois have tested positive for the potentially fatal Legionnaire�s disease and three guests have been hospitalized as a result.

And people ask why I always avoid public pools. Exhibit A�

God does a drive-by�

I'll have a bucket of popcorn with a side of miracles please...

Next time you find yourself driving through the state of Georgia and feel the need for a little spiritual lift, there may be at least one place where you can find some soulful inspiration without setting foot outside your car.

Let�s face it: Life for most people is busier than ever these days, which explains, at least in part, why God might have led a Georgia minister to get creative in his outreach to his flock.

Last Sunday, Rev. Norman Markle of New Hope Methodist Church in Marietta, GA presided over his first drive-in Sunday service, where worshippers sat in their cars while he delivered the gospel. How novel? Heaven forbid we should have to move our increasingly obese bodies one inch for the sake of salvation.

To inaugurate his new service, Markle purchased a low-powered AM transmitter and posted signs along Cobb Parkway inviting people to "Worship in Your Car Just as You Are."

Proving that some ideas, no matter how divinely ordained, take time to catch on, only about twelve cars showed up for the first service, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Hey�there�s still time for a miracle�

Hey dude, that�s not a water pourer... that�s a bong!

After Aussie authorities began to crack down on drug implements by making their sale illegal, one store by the name of 'Off Ya Tree' in Adelaide got smart and re-packaged its cannabis bongs as �water pourers.� Needless to say, Australian officials were not amused.

Attorney General and reformed cannabis addict Michael Atkinson spotted the implements at the store and promptly alerted police to Off Ya Tree's alleged sale of illegal items.

Off Ya Tree�s response?

�We don't actually sell bongs at all," said a store spokesperson, identifying himself only as Ben. Wonder if he could even remember his last name after inhaling all that�er uh� water.

Bottom line: Be careful who you ask for water in Adelaide, Australia because you just might get more than you bargained for. Hmmm�

On that note�

Happy travels. Until next time� Cheers! – Gay Link Content

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