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Weird, strange and simply bizarre travel tidbits

Duane Wells | May 26, 2008

A hot tranny mess�

By now you�ve probably already heard about the interlude between Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo and a group of transvestites he picked up in Rio de Janeiro last week.

Now the superstar athlete, who claims to have been unaware that the trannies who reportedly attempted to extort money from him upon realizing who he was, calls the incident �shameful� and acknowledges that he �cried a lot afterwards� and is �incredibly ashamed." Aw. Woo-Woo.

The moral of this story is simple� always, but always check the package darling.

Homeless stay free�

A big heart can sometimes lead to a big headache.

An employee of a Virginia-based Clarion Hotel was recently busted after it was discovered that she was allowing the homeless to use the hotel�s accommodations free of charge.

The whole situation began to unravel when another hotel employee found people in a hot tub and discovered that five unrented rooms were occupied by about 20 unpaid guests who had availed themselves of the mini-bars in their gratis accommodations.

Upon the discovery of the homeless hotel room giveaway and the resulting damage to air vents, plastic plants, refrigerators and comforters the charitable hotel employee was taken to McLean County Jail. She now faces formal charges relating to theft of labor and services and criminal damage, McLean County Jail records said.

No good deed goes unpunished.

The two Floridas?

Former presidential hopeful John Edwards talked about two Americas during his bid for the White House and now some Floridians are not only talking up the need for two Floridas but actively making an effort to literally split the state in half. Sort of like North Carolina and South Carolina, if you will.

Claiming mistreatment by the state, the North Lauderdale City Commission is pushing a resolution that would shockingly divide Florida into two separate states – North and South.

Their reason?

Lauderdale city leaders believe that South Florida cities are not getting enough of the tax dollars their tax payers are contributing to state�s coffers and they want that to change. So far city officials have looked to Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward and Palm Beach counties to support them in their plan to reshape the state.

Now we all know that this will never happen but you�ve got to admit it�s an amusing proposition, no?

Where would they draw the boundary I wonder? Would it fall above or below Tampa and Orlando? One can hardly imagine Florida without thinking of the Magic Kingdom.

It�s funny really. I�ve always thought of Florida as two states anyway given the dramatic difference between the northern and southern regions of the Sunshine State.

One thing�s for sure, South Florida as a separate entity would certainly have a good chance of passing gay marriage given the very gay trifecta of Key West, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Hmmm� now that�s something to think about.

The Bible Theme Park and the Pornographer�

They say the Lord brings together the saint and the sinner and that indeed seems to be the case in Murfreesboro, TN where one of the backers of the proposed Bible Theme Park USA was once responsible for photographing cover girls and �Pets of the Month� for the racy Penthouse Magazine. Meow!

Photographer turned successful businessman, Amnon Bar-Tur's photographs graced the covers of Penthouse and at least one other adult magazine over a period spanning the late 60s to the early 80s.

In fact several editions of magazines featuring Amnon's cover girls and Pets of the Month go for as much as $30 online, while editions of Club, a more hard core adult magazine featuring Bar-Tur's work, presently go for as much as $300.

Now through his Safeharbor Holding Company, Bar Tur is one of the major funders of a proposed theme park called Bible Park USA that promises to bring the Bible to life through well-loved, familiar stories and ancient historical experiences."

Now who says religion and money don�t make strange bedfellows?


A license to snoop�

"May I search your laptop sir?"

Following a U.S. Appeals Court ruling which found that Los Angeles airport officials acted lawfully when they conducted a random search and found child porn on a passenger's computer, tourists visiting U.S. are being subjected to tougher than ever security measures.

As a result of the ruling, airport security officials can now search tourists� mobile phone and laptops, download any details from them and then keep them indefinitely.

Is nothing sacred anymore? It doesn't seem so.

On that cheery note...

Until next time... happy travels! – Gay Link Content

Story brought to us by Navigaytion.com

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