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Duane Wells | April 14, 2008

Texas judge says you can save your dollars for strippers�

The next time you go to a strip club in the state of Texas, you can count on having a few extra bucks in your pocket to tip your favorite stripper.

A state district judge has declared a $5 per customer �pole-tax� imposed by the Texas state Legislature on the state�s strip clubs unconstitutional.

The tax, which went into effect in January, was expected to raise about $44 million for sexual assault prevention programs and health care for the uninsured. All good stuff, but apparently not necessarily within the spirit of the law.

In his decision, Judge Scott Jenkins wrote that the fee "while furthering laudable goals, violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is therefore invalid."

That�s telling �em!

If only our forefathers could have imagined the things our great constitution would one day come to protect.

Alabama Baptists drunk on the holy wine� so to speak

So this poor guy Tom Vizzini of Vizzini Farms Winery in Calera, Alabama came up with this great idea to create a new wine trail to promote his business to Alabama�s tourists. But the Baptist community in that part of the world apparently doesn�t think that Jesus would want tourists coming to the state to imbibe alcohol.

According to an AP report, Rev. Robert Griffin, moderator of the Chilton Baptist Association and pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Clanton, Alabama said, "We are on record as being opposed to any kind of alcohol-related industry. I would support visiting old, historic churches, but as far as visiting wineries..."

Oh dear, visiting historic churches in Alabama? What a thrilling proposition! I wonder if they�ve got a smoking section.

Actually such a response hardly seems unusual given that more than a third of Alabama�s counties remain dry 75 years after Prohibition and that Southern Baptist churches claim about a quarter of the state's population. Which probably explains at least in part why Alabama is not necessarily all that high on the list of American tourist destinations.

Good Lord, no wonder they�re all marrying their relatives down there. Without booze or fun, I�ll bet cousin Ronnie Sue and her three teeth look awfully appealing. After all, what other distractions do they have?

By the way, who knew they made wine in Alabama?

Mexico�s killer prostitutes�

Aye Papi!

Hookers in Mexico have got a new gimmick... using eye drops containing sleep-inducing drugs to knock out and rob their clients.

After being linked to seventeen recorded cases this year including five deaths associated with the use of the drug cyclopentolate, a muscle relaxant used in eye examinations to dilate the pupil and blur vision, half a dozen Mexico City prostitutes have been arrested in Mexico City.

Now that�s as good a reason as I�ve heard to keep your tamale in your pants the next time you make a visit South of the Border.

Welcome to the madhouse�

Imagine a hotel where you can literally go crazy. Then think of a place that has been visited by the likes of Edie Sedgwick, Charlie Parker and an array of ax murders. Now combine the two and you have what may become a hot new ticket for accommodations in the Big Apple.

Bellevue, the famed mental institution, could soon be transformed into the newest luxury hotel on Manhattan�s East Side.

Reportedly Melissa Konur, vice president of the NYC�s Economic Development Commission, told The New York Post that officials originally considered turning the 1931 Italian Renaissance-style building on First Avenue between 29th and 30th streets into condos, but quickly decided that the former nut house�s �long corridors� and smallish rooms were better suited to a hotel.

Talk about giving away the keys to the asylum!

If only those padded walls could talk� oh the stories they would tell. – Gay Link Content

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