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Duane Wells | March 18, 2008

Your pussy will now be safe in Iowa

In response to complaints about feral cats, the local council of the 200-person town of Randolph, Iowa announced a five-dollar bounty on the felines. Under the new policy, which went into effect March 1, stray cats without collars would be taken to a veterinarian, and if they weren't claimed, they would be euthanized.

Well that got animal lovers all upset and rightly so. The council has now rescinded the bounty and formed a task force involving three pet rescue organizations – the Maryland-based Alley Cat Allies, Best Friends Animal Society of Utah and Feline Friendz in Nebraska.

Now why did no one on the Randolph town council think of that first?

Newsflash: Mexico almost as fat as America!

Canada beware! Apparently just being near Americans is fattening.

Aside from geographical proximity, Americans may have yet another kinship with Mexico.

According to the latest national surveys 71 percent of Mexican women and 66 percent of Mexican men are overweight, which now puts them just a few fried pork chops and clogged arteries behind the U.S. in terms of national obesity levels. In fact, even though Mexico only recently became the second fattest nation in the world, some Mexican health officials have expressed concern that their country could actually surpass the U.S. within as little as ten years if current trends continue.

Moreover, according to an AP report, obesity has become such a problem in Mexico City that some subway riders are complaining that a fatter populace is taking up much needed space on an already overcrowded mode of public transportation. Egads!

Such has been the effect of junk food and rapidly expanding American fast food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken on a country where, in 1989, fewer than 10 percent of Mexican adults were overweight.

To combat the problem Mexican Health Secretary Jose Cordova launched a new health campaign on Feb. 25 saying, "We have to put the brakes on this obesity problem."

So does this mean diet refried beans? Margaritas made with Splenda and rimmed with salt substitute? Baked tortilla chips? Say it ain�t so!

Guns and booze don�t mix in Virginia City, Nevada

If you happen to be a gunslinging history re-enactor in Virginia City, Nevada you�d better lay off the booze�at least while you�re at work.

Under a program sponsored by the Virginia City Convention and Tourism Authority, volunteers dress in period costumes, including six-guns, and pose for photographs for tourists each summer.

However, citing the potential for accidents, Sheriff Jim Miller has said that he plans to increase enforcement of a Storey County ordinance that prohibits alcohol consumption by history re-enactors wearing guns.

The ordinance in this former mining town about 25 miles south of Reno also requires gunfighter performers and other re-enactors to obtain a permit from the sheriff�s office that includes a background check.

The weapons must be holstered and must remain empty of all ammunition at all times, unless someone is directly participating in a scheduled event. Still, a group called the Virginia City Outlaws performs gunfights in an outdoor theater during the summer.

And here I thought the days of the wild, wild west were dead! Talk about living in a time warp.

Ebony and ivory�

Since 2006 a black swan named Petra had resided in a lake at a zoo in Muenster, Germany alongside her beloved companion, a boat shaped like a massive white swan.

But this winter Miss Petra met a live white swan and finally decided that it was time to part ways with her former inanimate companion.

According to Zoo director Joerg Adler, Petra and her new mate are building a nest together.

I guess there truly ain�t nothing like the real thing.

Skinny dippers welcome in Surrey

Following a five-year legal battle with the City of Surrey in British Columbia, skinny dippers have won the right to continue their nude private swim events at the Newton wave pool.

The swims were cancelled in 2003 when the city said allowing nude swims was a workplace harassment problem for lifeguards.

As a result of the new agreement, lifeguards who feel uncomfortable won't be forced to work at the nude swims. Hmmm�

Here�s an idea�why not have nude lifeguards as well? I think there may be a few out of work Baywatch actors that might be interested in the gig!

The NYC lapdance lawsuit

Oh the indignity of it all!

Stephen Chang, a New York securities trader, has filed a lawsuit against Manhattan�s Hot Lap Dance Club in which he claims to have gotten "serious injuries" while getting a paid lap dance.

According to the lawsuit, on Nov. 2, 2007 Mr. Chang was enjoying an erotic dance from one of Hot Lap Dance Club�s lovelies when the dancer swung around and the heel of her shoe hit him in the eye. Ouch?

Sounds painful to be sure, but I ask you� Is it really worth the embarrassment of a lawsuit? Some things are best handled quietly away from the high heels and sparkling costumes if you know what I mean.

On that note, that wraps up another week of wacky news from around the globe. Is it just me or is the world getting weirder by the minute? Until next time� Cheers! – Gay Link Content

Story brought to us by Navigaytion.com

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