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Weird, strange and simply bizarre travel tidbits

Duane Wells | March 03, 2008

Show me your old underwear!

A new attraction at Poland�s Museum of Industry is literally lifting the skirt on the history of women�s unmentionables with an exhibition that chronicles everything from the knee-length knickers and tight corsets popular among women in the early 20th century to the flesh-baring thongs flying off the shelves of Victoria�s Secret at this very moment.

"From Pantaloons to G-Strings", which opened in January and runs until the end of March, purports to examine how female underwear has evolved along with the role of women in an increasingly liberated society.

Among the items on display are also a few items of male clothing – boxer shorts, robes and a jock strap from the 1930s.

So if you happen to find yourself 150 miles east of Warsaw in the town of Opatowek and have a little free time on your hands, this sounds like a sure fire way to kill at least 20 minutes.

I suppose everybody needs a gimmick.

Montreal and Monopoly�

Montreal is aiming to get the prime spot on the board of toy-making giant Hasbro Inc.�s Monopoly world edition which hits stores in September.

In an online poll hosted by Hasbro Inc., cities across the globe have been pitted against one another in a competition that will grant a lucky few the naming rights to 20 squares on the upcoming "Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition."

At the end of voting, the city with the most votes will take the place of Boardwalk as the most coveted bit of real estate on the board while second place gets Park Place.

At press time, Montreal was leading Istanbul and 66 other cities including London and New York.

Speaking about the prospect of winning the competition, the head of Montreal's board of trade, said "The benefits for the city will be enormous."

I�m so sure. Because I always visit the places in real life that I see on game boards. In fact just this morning I popped by Park Place and then I took the Reading Railroad down to the Boardwalk where I had lunch.

Puh-leeze� Give me a bucket! Sounds like someone has spent a bit to much time on the Short Line.

And they call it Panda love�

Brooklyn�s Prospect Park Zoo is home to a very special new guest – a red Panda, named Mao Mi.

With black legs, a furry reddish-brown face and body and white ears, playful Mao Mi is already a hit with visitors anxious to see him in his new home at Prospect Park zoo.

The rare panda is part of a Wildlife Conservation Society breeding program that�s trying to ensure the survival of threatened or endangered species.

How adorable is he?

The Running of the Reindeer?

Though they generally view reindeer as dinner, the folks in Anchorage, Alaska have recently expanded their way of thinking about the antlered animals.

Last week seven little reindeer were reportedly lined up behind several hundred costumed women for what was billed as Alaska's version of Spain's famed running of the bulls.

Once given the signal, the confused pack of reindeer raced into the crowd which they sailed past by the halfway point in the run. Unlike the Spanish version, there were no reports of any gorings, though perhaps there should have been.

Like I said, I guess everybody�s got to have a gimmick.

A glass of your best Staten Island Red please�

Speaking of gimmicks� here�s one more.

If you, like me, have only ever associated Staten Island with a ferry, boy are you in for surprise!

Piergiorgio Castellani Jr., a Tuscan winemaker, believes that Staten Island, formerly known for its landfill, is a place where "excellent" red wine can be produced.

With the help of several local businessmen along with Mr. Castellani, the borough of Staten Island plans to open the only large-scale, educational vineyard in New York City, where a so-called �Super Staten Island Red� will be produced.

According to an AP report, the 2-acre vineyard is part of an effort to lure tourists off the famed Staten Island ferry and onto the much-maligned island. The borough president�s office has committed $2 million to the project.

I wonder what adjectives oenophiles will use to describe the product of Staten Island�s soil?

Can�t wait? I can.

The best water in the world?

Ever wondered where you might expect to find the best tap water in the world? Well that would be British Columbia�s Fraser Valley whose tap water was named �the tastiest� at the 18th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, recently held in West Virginia.

Chosen from more than 120 water sources by a panel of ten journalists and food critics, Fraser Valley�s tap water wasn�t the only big winner at the water tasting showdown.

The title of best municipal water was shared by the former town of Clearbrook, B.C. – and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which serves Los Angeles, a former gold medal winner and frequent top five favorite in the competition.

Other winners included bottled water champ Tumai Water of Martinsburg, W.Va., which donates profits to AIDS relief and water needs in Africa, and Slavus Mineralwasser Medium of Emsdetten, Germany, which was named best sparkling-water.


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