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The art of packing light

Travel tips even a real clotheshorse can follow
Duane Wells | February 04, 2008

With airlines adopting the most stringent baggage restrictions ever, fees for excess baggage rising to exorbitant levels and lost baggage claims at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to learn the art of packing light (and believe me� it is an art).

Unless you�ve got Elton John kind of money and can afford to travel by private jet with forty trunks, the days of stuffing everything you own into your luggage for a weekend getaway are necessarily over. However just because we have to pack differently, we don�t necessarily have to give up an ounce of style if we follow a few simple rules.

Rule #1 – Be Realistic

Think realistically about your wardrobing needs and try to make choices that transcend day to evening to lighten the load of your luggage.

Are you really going to change three times a day? I know you�re fabulous darling but you probably don�t need that many wardrobe changes (and even if you think you do, I�m here to tell you that you probably don�t).

Rule #2 – Pack Neutrals

Neutrals (blacks, browns, grey, blues, tans, whites, etc.) all work well together so you can mix and match them to create different looks when you travel.

Rule #3 – Stick to Basics

If you have to pack a standout ensemble for a particular event, by all means pack it. But for the balance of your wardrobe needs, focus on knits and quintessentially stylish pieces (the great turtleneck, the crisp white shirt, cool jeans, a hipster jacket, the blue blazer, etc.)

Rule #4 – Three Pairs of Shoes Will Do, Sometimes Two

A black pair, a brown pair and neutral casual pair of shoes are all you ever really need. If you�re really good you can actually get away with only one or two pair when you build your wardrobe around them.

Rule #5 – Every 7 Pieces Packed Should Yield At Least 14`Ensembles

Each piece of clothing that goes into your luggage should be interchangeable with at least one other piece you intend to pack. Every shirt should match at least two pairs of pants, every blazer should work with at least two different shirts or sweaters, and so on and so forth.

(Hint: When you're really good you can actually get 21 outfits out of every 7 pieces, but that's grand diva of packing level.)

Now how bad was that? I�m sure your luggage has grown lighter already.

Happy travels! – Gay Link Content

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