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The David Blaine of Politics Inspires Southern Lunacy�

Weird, strange and simply bizarre travel tidbits
Duane Wells | January 10, 2008

They definitely still do things differently down in the south of America.

In a bid to unseat Republican senator, Saxby Chambliss (yes that is a real name), a television reporter by the name of Dale Cardwell has hoisted himself more than 300 feet up the Corey Tower near downtown Atlanta where he plans to remain on a scaffold �for days� to draw attention to his long-shot candidacy.

Cardwell has vowed to eat military rations and sleep in an insulated sleeping bag even as temperatures drop into the 20�s to get across his message that politicians should pay more attention to the concerns of working people and less to those of wealthy corporate interests.

Sounds like Mr. Cardwell has been watching a bit too much David Blaine if you asked me. All this feels a lot less like politics and whole lot more like a ratings stunt – you the know the kind of style over substance events for which Mr. Blaine has become famous.

Last time I checked, the best way to get a message across was to articulate it, but maybe I�m old school. Perhaps before this next presidential election, Hillary Clinton will chain herself inside a polling both and refuse to eat, Barack Obama will submerge himself in a massive acrylic box filled with water set up on The Mall in Washington, D.C. or Mitt Romney will make California disappear on live television. After all� it�s about entertainment these days is it not?

Beware what you do with your balls in Australia�

Seems some Aussie snakes don�t know their eggs from their golf balls.

According to an Australian Associated Press report, a couple in New South Wales placed golf balls in a chicken coup to encourage their hen to lay eggs but instead of getting the desired eggs wound up with an overstuffed carpet python.

Apparently the snake got into the couple�s chicken coop and ate four of the golf balls disguised as eggs which resulted in what one might best describe as a serious case of indigestion for the poor python.

Fortunately the couple got the ailing reptile to a veterinary surgeon in time for an emergency procedure which ultimately saved its life. So the next time you�re golfing in Australia be sure to gather up all your balls lest you run the risk of contributing to an epidemic tide of golf ball stuffed serpents. That couldn�t be a pretty sight. When it snows, it pours�

Let it snow!� Let it snow!� Let it snow!

There are a lot of happy Canadian travelers this week thanks to heavy snowfall at airports in Montreal and Toronto on New Year�s Day.

itravel2000.com, a Canadian online travel retailer this year launched a �Let It Snow� promotion, which promised travelers who booked through the company a chance to win their vacation package, flight or hotel if five inches (12.7 centimetres) of snow fell at one of four airports nearest them – specifically Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Calgary – on New Year's Day.

So imagine the collective elation among the Quebecois when some 14.8 centimeters of snow came down at the Montreal airport on Tuesday.! All told thousands of trips worth millions of dollars will now be awarded to travelers from Quebec.

"Everyone who booked a trip with us in Quebec from June 12 (until Nov. 20) got their trip for free," said Brad Miron, vice-president of marketing for itravel2000.com.

It reportedly took nearly three years for itravel2000.com to find in WeatherBill, a weather risk management company that would insure the promotion. Despite the fact that itravel.com took out the largest single day weather coverage policy in history, it�s not hard to now see why other similarly engaged insurers didn�t jump at the chance before.

Ready� Set� Watch!

If you happen to be in New York this week you might catch the tail end of what may be one of the most absurd competitions ever dreamed up – the ESPN Zone Ultimate Couch Potato Competition, which kicked off at the ESPN Zone restaurant in NYC�s Times Square on New Year�s Day.

Believe it or not, this isn�t the first time this �competition� has been held. In fact the four clearly bored or alternatively obsessed contestants will be aiming to beat the Guinness World Records mark for watching televised sports – 69 hours and 48 minutes straight, according to ESPN Zone.

Surprise� surprise� the winner of this mentally stimulating challenge will receive a high-definition TV and a cozy recliner as evidence of the magnitude and extent of their sloth.

"The participants will basically be competing at doing nothing," ESPN Zone regional marketing manager Susan Abramson said in a statement. "But it'll take extraordinary mental and physical stamina to endure the conditions of watching TV for that long."

Right. And we wonder why Americans grow fatter and lazier each day. One question – is this competition recommended by the American Medical Association? I hardly think watching others engage in physical activity counts as exercise� yet.

Until next time� Cheers! – Gay Link Content

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